Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Creative Space...

I have finished the 'I heart fans' scarf I designed and am awaiting the cold weather.
In my creative space today I have been writing down the pattern and if you are interested in trying this design I have included it below and will add it to the side bar.
It is an easy pattern, consisting only of ch - chains, single, Dbl - double and Trpl - triple crochet stitches.
You can use any size hook or yarn for this project.
I choose a thicker hook for the yarn to give it a lacier look.
'I heart fans' scarf
Ch 25 plus 2.
Row 1 - Dbl into 3rd ch from hook, Dbl into each stitch until end, ch3, turn.
Row2 - Trpl into first nine stitches, skip 3 stitches, 4 Dbl into next stitch, Ch1 and 4 Dbl (all in the one stitch), Trpl into next nine stitches to end, ch3, turn.
Row 3 - Trpl into next 9 stitches, single crochet into chain space between the two lots of 4 Dbl on previous row, ch 3, Trpl into next 9 stitches until end, turn.
Repeat Row2 and Row3 alternatively until scarf is desired length.
Please let me know if you find any errors in the pattern.
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