Mothering, making and musing...

I'm Christina Lowry and I design meaningful jewellery pieces for men and women who embrace a classic, refined style. Each piece is carefully hand crafted in my Brisbane workshop using recycled silver and gold. By combining my fine art university training and my traditional metal smithing skills, I am able to design and make unique pieces for my clients that reflect their own understated elegance in ready to wear or bespoke items.

My clients are men and women who are searching for unique wedding rings, precious gifts, repairs or redesigns for existing pieces of jewellery or strands of pearls that need re-threading, as well as a one of a kind pieces incorporating their own pearls or gemstones.

From concept and design, to execution and presentation, I work with each client to create future heirlooms, documenting and sharing the entire process with them.

My blog is a collection of my creative work, inspiration and musings on motherhood and life.

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