Friday, January 31, 2014

Scotch and Washi Tape DIY Nursery Art


I've been lucky enough to work with Scotch tape this month, as they encourage crafters to 'Make it Amazing' and win an Ipad Mini in the process. They sent me a box of goodies and I couldn't wait to have a play with their funky new tape. I knew just what I wanted to do. I have had an idea for a 'Princess and the Pea' inspired piece of art for Emerson's room for some time. 

I wanted to share it with you, because it is so simple and sweet that anyone can do it, no matter what your level of ability. Perfect for those who think they aren't crafty, for kids and for those who just love pretty tape...


You will need -

an assortment of Scotch tape and Washi tape
black pen


Step one- Draw a bed frame shape of your choosing in pencil, then draw over it again in pen when you are satisfied with how it looks. It doesn't need to be perfect, no ruler necessary, the imperfections make it all the sweeter. Make sure to leave room for the mattresses, as the tapes tend to be a bit opaque and you will see any black lines beneath them.


Step two - Start layering your Scotch tape and Washi tape in what ever order you like, at different lengths, keeping the corners of the mattresses in about the same place. Again, this doesn't need to be perfect, we will be drawing over these lines with the black pen. If you make a mistake the Scotch and Washi tape are both easily removed without tearing the paper. Gently pull them off and re-position them.


Step three - Cut another piece of tape to finish off the top of the mattress. I stuck the tape down, and with pencil drew on it the lines of the tape beneath. Then I peeled it off again, cut along the lines and stuck it back down. Go around all your mattresses with the black pen. Keep it free hand and a bit wobbly. Round the corners of the mattresses with your pen too if you like. This just finishes it all off and ties it all together.


Step four - Pop it in the frame, hang it on the wall, or place it on a shelf. 

Step five - Step back and admire your super sweet Scotch and Washi tape DIY nursery art.

Then enter the competition for a chance to win one of five Ipad Mini's!
Or, you could always click over and vote for me... :)

Thursday, January 30, 2014

New in the shop - 'Beryl' Necklace

Beryl Pendant
Beryl Pendant
Beryl Pendant
'Beryl' Necklace $40

I'm pleased to let you know that the next piece in the Sentimental Collection has just been listed in the shop. A sweet, doilie inspired scalloped pendant, in either Sterling Silver or 9ct Rose Gold, on a Sterling Silver chain. 

The 'Beryl' necklace is the perfect every day piece to wear with t-shirts or business shirts, Summer dresses or a Winter cardigan. Also part of the collection, is a matching pair of earrings and stacking rings, which would compliment this piece and complete any outfit. Designed and made by myself and unique to Christina Lowry Designs.

It might just be time to start dropping hints for Valentines Day and Mother's Day...

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

10 Things I Love

10 things I love. 1 cardigan weather. 2 mismatched plates. 3 fresh sheets. 4 hydrangeas. 5 handmade soap. 6 vintage sewing baskets. 7 old orange spined Penguin classics. 8 thrifted handknits. 9 beach glass. 10 unexpected mail. As tagged by @lovelovelady D
Finding beauty in the everyday. #noticing #beautyallaround #leaves #lookingdown
Gorgeousness 'foraged' on our walk this morning. #flowers #findingbeautyeverywhere

1. Cardigan weather
2. Mismatched plates
3. Fresh sheets
4. Hydrangeas
5. Handmade soap
6. Vintage sewing baskets
7. Old orange spined Penguin classics
8. Thrifted hand knits
9. Beach glass
10. Unexpected mail

Love love lady tagged me on Instagram to share ten things I love. 
Now it's your turn!
Join in, write a list and let me know.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Perfect days


The botanic gardens at Mount Tamborine are one of my favourite places. Sitting on an old wool blanket, under a tree, Dave and the children feed our picnic sandwich crusts to eels. A thermos of tea. My Composition book, and a cool, beautiful day. Mountain weather.

We walked to Curtis Falls first, amidst the damp undergrowth, towering vine covered trees and the ring of a thousand cicadas. Just the walk, just the noticing, just the moss, beetles and gnarled roots would have been enough. Yet there at the end of the walk rises the waterfall. A wall face of rock, interrupted by the flow of water and defiant plant life. Ones eyes adjust to the shapes and tones beneath the water and begin to pick out an eel, another eel, a catfish. But no platypus. I'd love to see a platypus in the wild.

Exploring, laughing, relaxing. A beautiful way to spend a public holiday and the last day before the first day of school.

All the best to all the others parents out there whose little and big ones are starting or returning to school soon. Thinking especially of those whose little ones are starting school and those who are starting new chapters of their lives with the likes of high school or university. 

Monday, January 27, 2014

One more sleep

'Construction Zone' Kids Exhibition at Ipswich Art Gallery
Exploring in Ipswich with Cohen and Emerson

The days have been wearing away as days do, until now there is only one sleep before my first born starts school. Cohen is filled with joy. Each new artifact that signifies school has been examined, carried around, shown to visitors and carefully practiced with - from water bottles to lunch boxes, book pack to uniform. It is all new and exciting. Having myself been a stay at home Mother since his birth, he has never attended child care or kindy, and I have had the pleasure, joy and frustration of having my dear boy with me these past five years. I believe it was the right decision for all of us. He is an outgoing, social, chatty, friendly five year old and he is so ready for school. He is full of curiosity and questions, loves the company of other children, loves books, craft and sport. (He's also a little chatterbox, and he is going to have to learn about quiet time, as it is one lesson he has as yet refused to learn!)

I am going to miss the quiet rhythm and freedom of our days until now, which shall be replaced by the routines of school. I thought I would manage the first day of school without tears, but now I'm not so sure. My, how quickly they grow.

On to a new phase of parenthood.
New challenges and joys.
Wish me luck and hand me a tissue...

Saturday, January 25, 2014

New in the Shop - 'Maeve' Rings and 'Lois' Hoops

'Maeve' Rings
'Lois' Hoops
'Lois' Hoops Rose Gold
'Lois' Hoops

I'm a sentimental girl at heart with old postcards tucked away in my diaries, antique jewellery hidden in my jewellery box and a drawer full of my Grandmothers starched linen and intricate doilies. These always fascinated me as child who could not even knit. It was quite beyond me how anyone could create such delicate and beautiful work. Years later I would crochet my own doilies and feel an immense satisfaction. The younger me was especially impressed with myself.

Indeed, it is partly that fascintation, partly the satisfaction and partly the sentimentality that inspired me to create this collection of contemporary silver and rose gold jewellery, which hints at a time of linen covered tables and doilie decorated bureaus. With metal, punches and drills, I have handcrafted each piece to evoke the beauty of women's hand work and the romance of yesteryear.

I've chosen to work with the soft tones of rose gold to further embrace times gone by, as much antique gold jewellery has a pink hue due to the old recipes for alloying pure gold to give it strength. I have incorporated pearls in to two of the pieces still to come, as I find the allure of pearls is timeless, while they enhance the beauty of their wearer at any age. 

This collection originated with a sketch of a doilie bunting and evolved from there to the six pieces that form the collection. Each design has been handmade from copper, professionally moulded and cast, to create identical likenesses so that the quality of each piece is of the same high standard. Each casting is then lovingly finished by hand.

Each item in this collection is unique to Christina Lowry Designs. These pieces are customisable and are also available in Sterling Silver, 9ct and 18ct Rose or Yellow Gold. Please email me with any queries you may have -

The first two pieces in the 'Sentimental' Collection are now in the shop, with more to come soon!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Taking Stock


Making : A 9ct Yellow Gold Opal Ring
Cooking : Simple meals at the end of long hot days.
Drinking : Tall glasses of water filled with ice cubes.
Reading: 'The Essence of the Thing' by Madeline St John
Wanting: A self weeding veggie patch.
Looking: At big grey clouds, threatening rain. (Hooray!)
Playing: With my project life album each week. Pics to come soon.
Deciding: What kind of blanket I want to make for this babe.
Wishing: Our friends and neighbours all the very best of their six month trip around Australia.
Enjoying: Homemade ice blocks of blended mango and coconut cream. Yum!
Waiting: To see my dear sister again. I miss her already.
Liking: Overnight oats with frozen berries for breakfast.
Wondering: How Emerson is going to react to her brother going to school each day.
Loving: The feeling of writing in a brand new notebook with a brand new pen.
Pondering: How many lifetimes I would need to be all the things I want to be - interior designer, painter, sculptor, book shop owner, novelist, travel writer...
Considering: All that I want to achieve at home and in my business before the baby arrives.
Watching: Cohen build a cubby from sheets and pillows.
Marvelling: At the hiccups I can feel emanating from the little one in my tummy.
Needing: A little more peace and quiet than I am currently being afforded.
Smelling: Everything! The gift of pregnancy.
Wearing: Fewer and fewer clothes from my wardrobe as my bump gets bigger.
Following: Claire Atkin's 'Make Marks Daily' Project on Instagram @pinkyandmaurice
Noticing: That the best time to hang out laundry in Summer is at night.
Knowing: That my floor needs mopping, but the rest of my house is clean.
Thinking: About applying for Brisbane Finders Keepers market again for November.
Admiring: My new logo design in progress. Can't wait to share it with you.
Sorting: Through the last little pile from a stack of 800 photos, spanning the last two years. My photo albums will soon be full and up to date! (Phew!)
Buying: New notebooks and goldfish
Getting: More chilli shaped capsicums from the garden than we can eat.
Bookmarking: Klimt02 Internation Art Jewellery Online, Thank You Shanna, The Weekend Edition Brisbane, Karina Sharpe, Artisan
Disliking: Bananas in Pajamas (two dense bananas and a rude rat), Blinky Bill (questionable role models indeed), Small Potatoes (enough said)  and Fireman Sam (most annoying voice artists ever)
Opening: Exciting packages.
Giggling: At five year old questions like, "Does the baby have a pillow? Is it wearing a shirt?"
Feeling: Excited and nervous about my first born starting Prep.

Joining in with Pip.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

New in the Shop - 'Fields Of Green' Ametrine Pendant

'Fields of Green'

When I added this beautiful and unusual gemstone to my collection I knew it would one day become a pendant. I sketched several different ideas before I understood that what was called for was a simple, elegant, modern setting which highlighted the wonderful bands of colour and the clarity this gem possesses.

This gorgeous piece is a work of art between nature and craft and deserves to be worn often, whenever the mood strikes. Casually layered with several chains and charms, or strikingly hung above a plunging neckline, this little luxury will add glamour day or night.

This solid sterling silver pendant is one of a kind piece and was handmade by Christina Lowry. It features a 17 x 13 mm Emerald cut Ametrine in a four claw setting, attached to a solid Sterling Silver 45cm chain.

Now in the shop.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Custom Make - Etched Memento Pendant

A very special custom order I've been working on. Tiny little angel baby foot prints etched in copper and being turned in to momento pendants for his parents. This is the first stage of the etching process- transferring the image to the metal. The surroun
Transferring the image to the copper plate in preparation for etching.
Step two of the etching process, the result after the acid bath and after removing the resist. Achieving the right depth is trial and error. I prepared five plates so that I could use the best two. Leave the metal in the acid too long and the resist gets
The result - two tiny, detailed foot prints.
Step three - cutting the disks from the etched copper plates and sterling silver, drilling holes in the top of each disk, stamping letters and metal stamp, polishing, adding a jump ring and then soldering. Next, the finished pieces... :) #handmadejeweller
Cutting out the disks, then filing, stamping, drilling, emerying and polishing.
Finished! Custom order etched memento pendants for a Mama and Papa of an angel baby. His will be on leather, hers will be on a silver chain. Hers has an added opal bead to symbolize bubba's birth month. I'm so proud to have been asked to be a part of crea
The finished pieces for Mum and Dad. His will be hung on a piece of leather, while hers features an opal bead to symbolise bubba's birth month, and will be worn on a silver chain.

Being a sentimental kind of girl, I think one of the things that initially attracted me to silver-smithing was jewelleries ability to hold meaning. Beyond the monetary value of a piece, much jewellery has a secret life of meaning understood by the owner. The family history behind an heirloom engagement ring. The pearls you wore when you were married. The brooch your Grandmother wore on special occasions. The garnet ring you brought on holiday. Jewellery is imbued with the kind of meaning that not many other items are afforded. And time adds more layers to that meaning.

I was honored to play a part in creating a pair of special and meaningful pendants recently - mementos of an angel baby which feature photo etched footprints taken at his birth. I hope these beautiful reminders become keepsakes full of wonderful memories, as they are worn in the years ahead. 
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