Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Yarn Along

I have had such an urge to knit since taking a break from the jewellery bench. I've quite missed the quiet moments spent with needles and yarn. I rummaged through my knitting basket and rediscovered an almost finished baby sweater. Ravelry informs me I started it over a year ago...

I fished out all the pieces. Front and back complete, one arm complete, one arm unravelling where a certain toddler had removed the knitting needle. I lay it over the top of one of Oscar's shirts and the finished sleeve looked too short anyway. I dismissed it, picked up the stitches around the neck and knit the final ribbing on a vest instead. I tried it on my little one and love it! I think it will still fit by Winter. The dear little elephant buttons were in my stash and add just the right amount of cuteness I think.

In terms of reading, I have been dipping in to Monkey Grip by Helen Garner, after being reminded of it by an ABC Arts story. We studied the film, starring Noni Hazelhurst, in my high school Film and Television class. I wonder if it would still be allowed on the curriculum these days?

A classic of modern Australian literature, Monkey Grip was published in 1977 at the height of the punk movement and thriving counter culture scene. Considered to be Australia’s first contemporary novel, it quickly became the voice of a generation. - ABC Arts


Joining in with Ginny.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Thistledown Country Cottage

In the days after Christmas it feels like the real holiday begins. The pace leading up to Christmas slackens and is followed by quiet days with simple plans. Dave joins us at home and the children all climb into bed for cuddles in the mornings. Our two year old notes with new surprise each morning that Dada isn't leaving for work. Later nights. Afternoon naps. Day trips and adventures to celebrate with family and friends. Bliss.

Yesterday we traveled to Mount Barney, in Queensland's Scenic Rim, to visit Dave's Mother for her birthday. She is staying at the lovely Thistledown Country Retreat. We enjoyed lunch with her (prawns and watermelon make such a wonderful combination), we wandered the grounds, fed the sheep, explored the kitchen garden and rose garden. We took in the beautiful old home, with it's chandeliered dining room and charming country kitchen. The rain came in gently and the first mist turned into a drizzle. The mountains were hung with clouds, obscuring their peaks. The birds sat dripping among the tree branches and wallabys' bounded picturesquely across lush green hills.

As we drove home and the children napped in the car, I felt the joy and happiness of the season in great measure. Wishing you days of beauty and connection with your loved ones as the year nears it's end.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like...

Decorating wrapping paper
A robot, a rocket, two suns and a moon. Perfect!
Baking with the children.
Our much loved tree.
My hand print from when I was four.
Cohen's hand print when he was four and this year's ornament. Each year the children's great Aunt buys them their very own ornament. Such a lovely tradition.
Emerson's hand print as a baby.
Cohen's Christmas cards - Santa in his sleigh, Oscar, Cohen and Emerson build a snowman, and Santa leaving presents under a Christmas tree.

Happy Christmas Eve!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A Christmas Gift for My Business

I brought a gift for my business and it arrived today; a goose neck steel logo stamp. It's what a jeweller uses to leave their mark on their finished jewellery, and it's something I've for wanted quite a long time. Since before I even had a logo!  I've been playing around with the best way to strike the punch in order to get the clearest impression in the metal. It's quite satisfying. (For those interested, three smaller taps, tipping the stamp from one side to the other, works best. A single heavy strike often misses part of the design or jumps and scratches the metal.) 

The $200 purchase was symbolic of the culmination of a year of hard work, and the way I have focused on growing and branding my business. I'm still in love with the simple, elegant logo Evie designed for me. And perhaps next year I will order another punch, with just CLD, to fit inside finer bands.

In the meantime I am looking forward to stamping new finished designs in the New Year.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Mailing Dates + Store Opening

Just a quick note to let you know that the deadline for domestic mailing for Christmas is Midday today! All items are gift wrapped and include free postage.
Express Post is available at an additional charge until the 22nd.

Pop over to the shop and cross everyone off your Christmas list!

The store will remain open after these dates, but mailing won't recommence until the New Year.

Thanks so much for your continued support!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Holiday Things To Do

Toddler painted wrapping paper

Building a Candy Maze

Cohen writing in his diary

Day three of the holidays and I have been miserable with a cold since day one. Out door adventures have been put on hold while I work my way through a third box of tissues. Instead we have been crafting and working on a list of things to do this holiday season, which will live on the fridge and be crossed off as we go!

Build a blanket cubby house
Bake biscuits
Visit the koalas at Daisy Hill
BBQ at the beach
Swim at Southbank
Explore the Art Gallery
Go to the movies
Play at the park
Run under the sprinkler
Borrow books from the library
Fly a kite
Make playdough
Go bird watching
Draw in our Nature Books
Ride bikes
Write a letter
Plant some seeds
Make a collage
Blow bubbles off the deck
Jump on a trampoline
Have a play date
Read a book
Draw on the footpath with chalk
Press flowers
Keep a diary
Get a photo with Santa
Have breakfast at a cafe
Surf with Daddy
Go on an indoor treasure hunt
Paint a picture
Learn to finger knit
Have pancakes for dinner
Write a story
Collect stamps
See the Christmas lights
Build with Lego
Go to the cricket

What's on your list?!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Six Months - Oscar

Antique buoys from The Spring Shop, calligraphy by Didi, Brisbane pennant by Yardage Design, 'War is Over' postcard from Sydney Gallery, owl vase by Sharon Muir.

I know I'm biased because he's mine, but seriously, this little chubby baby is just divine. Oh the cuteness. His smile lights up my days and his laugh is adorable and infectious. Those blue eyes take in everything, and those little hands reach out to grasp everything too. I often find strands of his sister's blonde hair between his fingers, after she has leant in close. He is so cuddly and smells like milk and baby. Those sweet babbled 'words' began one morning recently with 'da da da' coming from his cot. 'Ma ma ma' and 'bub bub bub' followed a few days later. Cohen's first sound was 'da da', while Emerson's was 'ma ma.' 

Oscar continues to roll and turn himself to travel surprising distances on the floor, and has learnt this month to push himself back wards. It won't be long until we are fitting the child gates for the final time. Despite the absolute lack of teeth, he has taken happily to solids and is a fan of mushy food, so we are doing a little baby lead weaning, a little mushy food. He breastfeeds to sleep and is feeding up to three times a night, which is fine as long as I can squeeze in a nap at least once a week! As soon as I lay him down in his bed he pops his thumb in his mouth and his whole little body relaxes. 

There is no end to the dribble and the reflux, but neither seem to affect his general happiness. He's had a few unsettled days, which I tend to attribute to teething. But generally, he is a happy, relaxed little man, who loves being worn in a sling, and only really spends time away from me while I attend a weekly yoga class - one very important hour of 'me time' with three children.

I see quite a few similarities between Oscar and Emerson at 6 months.


Monday, December 15, 2014

Custom Order - Triple Sapphire Stacker

As a maker I am passionate about designing and crafting unique handmade jewellery, future heirlooms to be cherished and limited edition collections. My practice involves traditional gold and silver smithing techniques, combined with contemporary art and craft, while concentrating on customer focused service.
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