Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wash the dishes...

I have a couple of posts to sneak in before next year. Firstly I wanted to share with you the loveliness that arrived in my mail box yesterday. I could hear the motorbike stopped out the front and the dog barked and barked hoping the bike would go away. I ran outside, quelled the dog and hopped excitedly to the mail box. For the bike to stop that long there must be a package!

I don't think I have ever been so in love with a tea towel. Lovely linen tea towels, designed and printed by Tania from Myrtle and Eunice. I won one in a giveaway and brought the other for my sister. Aren't they clever and sweet? Thanks Tania! I can't wait to see more of your printing.

"Wash the dishes, dry the dishes, turn the dishes over"
I also wanted to sneak in a pic of this drawstring bag. I ran it up yesterday for a friend who commented on Cohen's new bag and wanted something similar for her baby's blocks. I love this red riding hood like fabric and the red and while polka dots.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Holiday crafting...

It has been raining since Christmas. It's so lovely to get some rain. The weather lends its self nicely to all things humble and homeward.
Building up Lego towers and watching Cohen knock them down. Hanging loads of clothes on the air dryer in the laundry. Pulling things out of cupboards and sorting them out before they go back in again. Using the new sheets and towels we received for Christmas. Cooking up big dinners. And occasionally, while baby sleeps and husband watches cricket, getting in a bit of crafting.
I made a drawstring bag to house all the little cars Cohen got for his birthday. The fabric was from a bundle that was sent to me from Brusselsprouts. I love this retro spaceman fabric!
And when all is quiet you will find me with on the couch, with my feet up, cotton and hook in hand.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The joy of Christmas...

Our day started off with breakfast among family at our house and was followed by lunch with more family across town. We spent a quiet night at home alone, my husband and our little boy and myself playing with Christmas toys and then watching a movie once Cohen was tucked up in bed.
(Notice how there are almost no ornaments on the part of the tree you can see in the photo? Cohen really came into his stride Christmas morning, removing any decorations he could reach!)
Cohen had a fantastic time playing with his new toys and books, although he was less interested in unwrapping them. Once he had one present open he was content to play with it and ignore the rest. He was thoroughly spoilt, so we have hidden some of his new toys so that he can play with them in rotation. I'm a mean Mummy aren't I?!
By the end of the day we were all exhausted, our tummy's full and happy to have spent our Christmas with our family and loved ones.
Thanks to Nana for the two photos of Cohen above.
Thank you for all the wonderful Christmas wishes. I hope you had a fantastic day wherever you are and however you celebrate.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Eve of Christmas...

Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas, full of laughter, love and moments to treasure.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Being reminded...

of the mingled scent of cloves and oranges, and sore fingertips,
as I once more make Pomanders and breathe in their heady fragrance.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Celebrations and cake...

Because one birthday party is never enough, we celebrated into the night with family and friends, food and drink and fun and laughter last night. I was remiss and took not a single photo of anything, too caught up in Mummy and host-type business to turn my camera on at all. Thankfully my family had their cameras in hand and documented the event beautifully, so I will be borrowing their memory cards...

Being picture-less for this post reminded me that I had forgotten to share my contribution to the Mothers groups secret Santa presents. Do you remember this sneak peek?

Pattern from Pip's Meet Me At Mike's book.
The baby has been bathed and is sleeping in his cot. Hubby is at a dinner after his social golf game. And me? I am off to do some more crochet for another little baby that arrived safely into the world yesterday.

I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Monday, December 14, 2009

Following in the footsteps...

From December until January each year at my parents house you can see the tips of a huge Christmas tree lit up with multi-coloured lights. Ever since my Mother can remember the tree on the hill has lit up at Christmas. Each year as children we would walk up to the Christmas tree to admire it's beauty and the sheer scale of the tree on the hill. It wouldn't be Christmas for me without this tree.

(I believe the reindeer's and Santa would be taller than a person and the tree looks to be around 7 times taller than the Santa. A very tall tree.)
Following in the family tradition, last night Cohen sat in his pram as we walked him up to the tree for the first time to see the lights blink and glow. Cars slow down and stop to look. Children and adults peer through the windows. Houses in the street join in by stringing lights around their gardens.

I knew he would enjoy it. He is at that age where he is fascinated by lights. He loves to flick the switches at our house while we chant 'light on, light off' to his delighted smile.

He fell asleep on the walk home.

Friday, December 11, 2009


In the tradition on birth stories...

9th December 2008, babies due date...

11.00 pm

I woke up.

I was always waking up. Waking up around 100 times a night. Waking up needing to pee while a certain baby lent on my bladder.

However on the 9th it was different. When I woke up I knew something was different.

My tummy tightened and felt different.

I felt an uncomfortable period-like pain.

But different.

In denial about the whole state of affairs I walked around the house. By 1.30 am I had called the hospital who informed me that I was indeed in labour. I would probably have a baby by lunch time. I should go back to bed. Sleep was not an option. I was too excited to sleep. I sent my sister a message instead. I walked around the house. I cleaned. I woke my husband around 3am and told him his baby wanted to be born. He asked me how I knew that and went back to sleep. I sent my sister another text message.

The arrival of my sister and mother at some point early morning was met by the departure of my husband, off to his last day of work. "No worries baby, I will call you if anything happens or you can meet me at the hospital". My sister studied, my Mum and I talked, I walked, my sister fell asleep on my bed, I walked and reminded my Mum about how uncomfortable it all was, my contractions did their irregular thing for hours. The pain increased and with it a pain began in my back. No more walking. I was on all fours trying to find relief from the pain in my back, totally unconcerned by the contractions. A midwife told me to go to the hospital.

No longer able to kneel or move, strapped in to the car seat I was in agony.

At the hospital my labour stopped. I was only 1-2 cm dilated. I felt cheated. I was dismissed with two pain killers and two sleeping pills and ordered to take them when I got home. At home again the contractions were 5 minutes apart. Of course. The pills made me groggy and unable to move into the position that provided the most relief. I was crying in pain but I did not want to go back to hospital. Two hours later I gave in and tried not to yell at a midwife when I told her that I could handle the contractions but not the pain in my back.

The second trip into the hospital was worse than the first. I wanted Dave to get there as soon as possible, but go as slowly as possible and mind the bumps. The back pain was intolerable. I held my seat with white knuckles trying to get through that car trip and made Dave promise that he was not taking me out of that hospital until there was a baby in my arms. I was examined and informed I had around 6 hours of labour to go. At this point I had been in labour for 24 hours. I was exhausted but still climbing the walls in pain and trying any position to get some relief from the crippling pain in my spine.

I had wanted a natural birth. I wanted no intervention. Ha. It was not to be. We discussed pethidine and epidural and I was advised to go with the latter and have a sleep before I had to push. PUSH?? I had forgotten about that bit. Fine. Give me an epidural. Whatever. Just give me the baby. A very young Dougie Houser administered the needle. I had a little button I could push to give me more of the drug.

Push. Push. Push. Push.

When my waters were ruptured they were merconium stained. The midwives started to worry. A sign of distress. A long labour. They kept an even closer eye on me. They poked and prodded and said their was a cusp on my cervix where it was swollen and the baby was stuck. When they thought I had an hour to go they took away my button. No more push. push. The pain came back. My leg. My god my leg. I must have pinched a nerve laying there unable to feel it. But when I could feel it again? I wanted to chew through it I was in so much agony with it. And then a contraction and my leg, oh my god. Nausea hit me and while I kept repeating that I felt sick no one listened until I actually was.

Someone told me to start pushing. They told me when I was doing it right. For some two hours I was apparently doing it right, but there was still no baby and he was distressed. A professor

appeared at some point and told me that if I did not push this baby out in 20 minutes she would have to help me. Had I not been in so much pain that I could not talk, I would have yelled


11 th December 2008

11.32 am

The baby was delivered with forceps. 36 and a half hours after labour began. I touched his head. The cord was cut. They took him away. Finally they put him on my tummy, bruised from the forceps, one eye swollen shut, he was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. I fell even more in love. I cried tears of joy. Dave held him before the midwives said they had to take him away. Tears of fear. An hour later they brought my baby back and lay him on my chest to have his first feed. He had a cannula in his hand. He lay on my chest and started wheezing. Several midwives ran into the room when they heard him and he was quickly taken away again to special care nursery.

Later I was wheeled to the nursery. I wad able to feed him and hold him. I did not want to let him go.

In the ward I was surrounded by family. Dave and I introduced them to

Cohen Byron Allan Lowry.

4280g / 9 pounds 4 ounces
51.5cm long
38cm head circumference

Happy 1 st Birthday my beautiful, cheeky, sweet, clever boy!

We love you more than anything.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

All I want for Christmas...

Five hours at the hospital today really put my Christmas wishes in check and reminded me that all I want for Christmas is a healthy family.

Cohen will be fine with a prescription of antibiotics and cuddles.
(Photos taken of a street full of houses decked out in their Christmas lights, from a moving vehicle.)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Party...

My dear little boy turns one on Friday. I can hardly believe it. 365 days old.
Today we celebrated with our mother's group friends and ate gluten, dairy, egg and nut free cakes and biscuits and played in the yard with the rain water and the hose. There were little circus-y hints around the house and a large bowl of fruit punch. There were babies with handfuls of fruit and lapfuls of toys. There were smiling, laughing mothers and streamers blowing around in the breeze.
Just as it all should be.

Monday, December 7, 2009

I love crochet...

Probably the last thing that I needed was another project.
But I just couldn't help myself.
Every since I first saw Lucy's pattern I wanted to make one.
Tam pushed me over the edge...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Simple and colourful...

Simple. I like simple. But colourful? I'm not really one for all things colourful.
Still, in the Christmas spirit, and as I have an almost one year old now, I though I needed to push my boundaries a bit.
With the sewing machine birthday gift, my Mother also lavished me with fabric, including my first jelly roll - Moda's 'Holly Jolly' by Sandy Gervais.
The weather here does not necessitate the use of a quilt, so I thought a throw for the couch may be in order. I have finished sewing the top and need to rummage through my stash now for an appropriate backing. Maybe something not Christmassy, to make it reversible?
PS. I do not care about your ugg boots, so please do not spam my comments again. I have reported you as a spammer to blogger.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Rainy delivery...

We are having the most delightful rainy weather. It has cooled everything right down and given the grass and the asphalt that just rained smell. Our dear mail man rode through the rain to deliver a package from Amy and her Badskirt shop today. Lots of pieces of gorgeous fabric intended for a little something for a little boy. Aren't they fantastic? I love those little blue people who look like they are dancing! Thanks Amy!
The rainy weather has been perfect for sewing and while the plants are getting a drink I have been working on a Christmas throw I hope to show you tomorrow, as well as making this sweet dress for a lovely friend's little sweetheart. Hope you are having a lovely, productive Wednesday too.

Monday, November 30, 2009

I love op-shopping...

A table cloth, 12 napkins, an apron and a mixing bowl...
were among the haul from the op-shop today.
This was prior to Cohen getting his 12 month needles...
You know that you are trying to do the best for your child. You don't want them to get sick. But holding them while they are given three needles? Watching them hold their breath and scream?
Thankfully it never lasts for long. In moments the nurse had Cohen laughing at a toy.
He is having a lovely long nap now and I am going to put up the Christmas tree so that he has something interesting to look at when he wakes up.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Seeing things...

Sorry, the sun was on it's way down when I snapped these pictures of a building in the Gold Coast. We were on our way to a lovely dinner in a revolving restaurant.

But tell me, do you see a pattern that looks very quilt like too?

Saturday, November 28, 2009

I made this... mess?

Is it the fate of sewing and craft rooms to get messy? Or is it just mine? Can you remember where you put things and never loose anything? Or do you find things by accident?
Me, oh no, never. My room is immaculate and everything organised... ahem...
I found the elastic.
In a perfectly reasonable place...
in with the fabric pens.

"Yes husband, I do need all this junk, yes I can (sort of) find everything. The room just gets messy when I am making things... which is a lot of the time...
Oh look, I finished these yoga pants from Pips book, aren't they cute? Are you hungry darling? Come into the kitchen...."
And, to further justify any mess, this is a sneak peek of a little Christmas present I made yesterday too.
I love a book that you can make two projects out of in two days...
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