Friday, October 30, 2015

Taking Stock In October

Making : animals from play dough, sticks and leaves with the children
Eating : blueberries, when the kids haven't eaten them all first
Drinking : less wine, and buying flowers for the garden instead
Reading: about homeschooling, and incorporating those ideas in to the experiences I plan with the children, and the way I handle school homework
Wanting: to make the most of the cooler evenings before Summer comes and makes the nights uncomfortable.
Looking: at all the pretty things in Frankie and Country Style magazines
Playing: rocket ships, robots and water play with my imaginative toddler.
Deciding: my garden needs more flowers
Wishing: I had a cleaner who would take care of the dishes and the bathroom for me - least favourite jobs
Enjoying: feeding the ducks with little friends
Waiting: with excitement for the photo shoot images to be ready, while trying not to rush the photographer!
Liking: rainy mornings that make me want to stay in bed and read all day
Wondering: what would happen if I just DID THAT, just stayed in bed all day, the world would keep turning, right...
Loving: seeing my jewellery being worn by lovely ladies
Pondering: my goals for the next five years
Planning: Photoshoots for next year already 
Buying: stationary online - thus avoiding shopping with the little ones and impulse buys...
Listening: to the new podcast - Thrive By Design
Hoping: my sister gets her job promotion
Marvelling: at the way my oxygen bottle runs out in the middle of soldering a project and never at the end
Taking: time to rock my baby to sleep and then just sit with him in my arms and breathe him in for awhile before putting him down
Needing: a hair cut - thank goodness for messy buns
Questioning: whether to decorate for Halloween this year?
Smelling: wet leaves and cool breezes
Wearing: a pair of my 'Travelling Companion' Studs, and loving them
Following: The Black Hen on Instagram, and wishing I could pop over to Tasmania and wander around their gorgeous store
Noticing: the Jacarandas in bloom all over the neighbourhood
Knowing: that our Mulberry season is over, but there is still a stash in the freezer
Thinking: that there will be another Mulberry Crumble happening soon
Admiring: 50 of poetry's most poignant lines
Sorting: out all of my paper work and finally getting it all up to date. Phew! (Now to keep it that way)
Meaning: to cull the number of newsletters I get in my inbox
Bookmarking: Ellie's blog for A Week Of Slow
Coveting: half the Kikki K store
Opening: bills and bills and bills and bills
Giggling: at the way Miss three says, 'once uponce a time'
Feeling: so good about going to yoga one night a week and making it a habit
Snacking: on honey Macadamia nuts. Yum!
Trying: to get my book club book read... 
Hearing: 'Happier' by Gretchen Rubin - which I have been binge-listening too and loving! So good! Start at episode one and go and listen right now, ok?!


Joining In with Pip to take stock.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Miffy Giveaway! - Closed!

Miffy, that sweet and simply drawn bunny, is well loved in our house. The clear story lines, the uncomplicated art, the sweet characters - my three year old is as in love with Miffy as her brother was at this age. I must admit, I have a soft spot for Miffy too!

I'm really excited to have a bundle of Miffy goodness to giveaway to one of my readers, thanks to Annabel Trends. As a small business owner, Annabel Trends is an Australian small business success story that really inspires me. Started by Ann Dawe, her daughter Sally Dunn now runs the business from the Gold Coast, where they employ thirty staff. The family owned company is approaching it's 40th anniversary, and at least part of that success is due to their love of fun, colourful and innovative products made with passion!

The prize pack includes one large and medium Miffy money box, two Miffy toothbrushes, two Miffy photo clip holders and three Miffy bag tags or key chains. RRP value $110. As Christmas approaches, this beautiful collection of nostalgia inducing goodies makes for a wonderful gift for babies or children. 

To enter the giveaway leave a comment below telling me - if you could choose a Christmas gift for yourself from Annabel Trends, what would it be? 

I'm thinking I need a pair of these gardening gum boots...


Giveaway open to Australian resident only. 
One winner, chosen at random, will receive the prize pack. 
Winner drawn on the 5th November 2015.
Please leave an email address with your comment.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Potting Shed Inspiration

As previously mentioned, I have a potting shed day dream in which I idle away hours in my gum boots and straw hat, drinking tea and planting seeds in my accidentally-fabulously-styled potting shed. However, our current garden shed is full of my husbands tools, a rather protective huntsman spider and at least one snake sighting. And my efforts of a deck full of potted plants has been thwarted by the children - in particular a baby who throws fist-fulls of soil from the pots at every opportunity, and a toddler who shall remain nameless who 'watered' a blueberry plant with bubble mixture... (Alas, it never recovered from the shock.)

So rather than fight my current reality, a little Pinterest escapism allows me to imagine my dream she-shed, full of tasteful terracotta pots, delightfully aged watering cans, trusty balls of artfully placed twine and whimsical trowel door handles. 

Yes, yes. If you need me, I will be pottering around Pinterest for the next little while...

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


My mantra this week has been, ‘respond rather than react.’ And as mantras generally are, it is much easier said than done. My twin sister’s yoga teacher training inspired my efforts, after they discussed this concept in class and she reflected upon it with me. It struck a similar chord in me as it had in her. How often do we react without thinking, when we could have paused and responded with much more calm? How often do we ‘fly off the handle’ at our partner or children, only to feel guilty later? How often do we react in traffic, at inanimate objects, at ourselves? To me it seems that 'reacting' is simply identifying the problem and struggling with it, while 'responding' incorporates problem solving.

It’s so much easier to react to a child doing the wrong thing, than to respond and ask them to explain what they should have been doing instead - encouraging and praising them to make amends. Previously my mantras have included, 'just love them', and 'be the parent you want to be.' Each day, each child, each situation, I am learning and growing. Trying my best to be the parent I want to be, meet their needs, treat them with respect, teach them by example, allow them to be children. My, what a journey it is. Challenging, frustrating, rewarding, exhausting, empowering.

I hope that when they look back on their childhoods they will always have felt loved and supported. I hope they know that everyday I kept trying to do my best, give them my best and find the best in them. And perhaps one day I will be able to encourage them and share my hard won wisdom should they have children of their own.

Here's to responding rather than reacting. With time and practice I hope it becomes so incorporated in to my way of being that I no longer need a mantra to remind me.

What's your mantra? Do you use reminders to encourage peaceful parenting?

Photo by Trudi Le Brese

Monday, October 26, 2015

Follow Your Dreams...

Follow your dreams in style with these casually sophisticated drop earrings. Add a touch of uptown sensibility with a down town edge as you confidently cross from conference to coffee date!
These solid sterling silver studs are handmade by Christina Lowry and are approx. 12mm wide, with a 30mm drop. They are available in three variations featuring oxidised and hammered finishes. Over time the blackened finish may soften to a gun metal grey colour, depending on wear and care. These natural changes add to the charm of this design.

Now in the Shop!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Future Heirlooms

Is there a loose pearl or gem stone sitting in a drawer at your house? A sapphire your Grandfather unearthed up North, a pearl you brought on your travels - like this client, or perhaps an old ring you no longer wear that you'd like redesigned? This is my specialty! Together we can create a unique piece that frees your precious items from the confines of a drawer and allows you to wear them! 

Email me a pic to start the design and quote process. I'd love to create a beautiful, quality piece especially for you. xx

Friday, October 23, 2015

Highlights From The Week

Six year old and three year reading 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar.'
Cohen: What's your favourite colour?
Emerson: I like the caterpillar.

(Caterpillar is my new favourite colour.)


On the phone to Telstra...
Him: How do you spell that?
Him: Hmm, I still can't find your account. LOURY, right?
Me: LOWRY, it's a W
Him: W as in Unicorn, right?


Miss Three: I just saw an airplane. It landed on a tree.
Me: Oh, airplane's don't land on trees.
Miss Three: I think it was a bird then.


Photo by Trudi Le Brese

Thursday, October 22, 2015

How Does Your Garden Grow?

My dreams of being reliant on home grown food from our veggie patch are far from being realised. In my most picturesque imaginings, everything we eat has been grown organically several steps from our back door. Chickens gossip in the garden. Bees navigate from flowers to hive. And I have a quaint potting shed stacked just so with rustic looking pots and handmade gardening tools. I know I could make it a reality. I have the space, the knowledge and the physical ability to turn the earth, sow the seeds, pull the weeds, harvest the crops. What I lack though is time. (And I have a husband that would be just as happy living in an apartment.) One can do everything, just not at once. Right now my priorities are my family and my business. The time I can dedicate to the garden tends to happen in spurts. At such times I reduce each garden to just soil, making piles of spent veggie plants and towering weeds, before planting my next crop of seasonal sure fire winners. 

Right now my tomato plants are sprawling lazily, as they weren't tied up as often as they should have been - but they are bursting with fruit. Four blue berry bushes are coming along, with a sprinkling of green berries promising great things for the future. The mulberries are on the wane after buckets full of precious fruit this year. The herbs are going to seed, and so shall I let them. (Self sown herbs are such a handy and hardy plant.) My mandarin tree is in no hurry to reach its full dwarf height. There's not a chicken or a bee hive in sight. Just two black cats, one old and one youthful, who follow pools of sunlight and nap days away.

Perhaps when I've retired you will find me filling my days in the garden with earth covered gum boots and an old straw hat. Grandchildren will pick strawberries from beneath wild mint, collect falling passionfruit and hunt for snails with me after rain. My potting shed will be the envy of a country living magazine shoot and my pantry will be filled with home made jams and pickles. But for now I'm content to do a little here and a little there and harvest my tomatoes with a sense of satisfaction that only gardening can give.

So tell me, how does your garden grow? What are your pottering dreams made of?

Friday, October 16, 2015

Every Piece A Story

'History Class' Signet Rings

Every custom made piece of jewellery has a story. As my client and I discuss the design of a piece, they share that story with me. I believe that connection is the basis of a handmade business like mine. The reason one chooses to work with an artisan over a big box store. To share those stories, connect in recognition of shared experiences and create a piece celebrating that story. My clients appreciate the hand of the artist too.They care about me, my business, what I stand for. Together, with my technical skills and their imaginations, we bring a piece to life. 

Being the sentimental girl that I am, I love being involved in creating meaningful pieces that celebrate milestones, relationships or family. Each of the rings above is a beautiful, sentimental reminder that can be worn everyday in memory and celebration. Handmade and hand engraved using traditional skills, here in Brisbane. Simple and elegant.

Almost every piece of jewellery has a story. Look at the pieces you are wearing now and think about the stories behind them. Perhaps, like my sister, you wear your Great Grandmothers wedding ring? Perhaps your earrings were a birthday gift from someone special to you? Maybe you designed that right hand ring to celebrate an anniversary and there is a special message inside?

Take a moment to share the story of one of your favourite pieces of jewellery in the comments. I would love to hear them. xx

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Charming Chores

Laundry and gathering go hand in hand these Spring days. I recorded this moment for prosperity yesterday. A posie of dandelions, a sprinkling of jacarandas and handfuls of mulberries speak of our unruly lawn, the purple giant that looms over our neighbours fence, raining blooms upon the aforementioned grass, and the wealth of berries this season. 

My little helpers join me in the garden as I add or subtract pegs from the clothes line and tote baskets in and out of the laundry. They chase a pink inflated ball, giggle from the trampoline, follow the cats with curiosity, present me with tiny offerings, demand I push their toy cars, add or remove their shoes, ask their inexhaustible questions. 

What is making that noise? Where is that butterfly going? What is the cat thinking? Do caterpillars turn in to birds? Can I turn in to a butterfly and back in the a girl again? Can I hand you the pegs?

Sometimes, when it looks like rain, I will duck outside without them, tossing pegs one way and clothes another as I rush. But mostly, laundry is an excuse to spend time out doors with them. To play, potter, bird watch, pull weeds, pick flowers, admire clouds and try to satisfy their inquiring minds. Making the chores that much more charming with their presence.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


My twin sister called me yesterday morning to tell me that it was going to be a wonderful day. I scoffed, given the previous week of illness, frustration and exhaustion. But she persisted with the belief that it would be a good day. And she was right. I think I need her to call me every morning and kick start my brain in to positive mode. My day really was wonderful! The children and I fell in to a beautiful rhythm, there was no rush, no frustration. We were early for school. We came home and drew pictures, made pom pom flowers, picked Mulberries, got all the chores done and then baked biscuits. I worked while the baby slept, taking my laptop out to the back deck while Emerson washed up her play kitchen plates and cutlery. The sun shone. The laundry flapped in the breeze. And the cats rolled from side to side on the sun dappled grass. 

So, let me say, today is going to be wonderful. It really is. xx

Monday, October 12, 2015

Sneak Peek

I made these 'Follow Your Dreams' earrings are from sterling silver, and they feature a peacock oxidised finish. These, and three other variations of this style, will be available in the shop soon!


Mailing list subscribers receive first preference on new releases and sale items. Be first in line by adding your email address to the list!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Instagram Enabler

I unabashedly love Instagram. That square format. Those vintagey filters. The eye candy while breastfeeding. The conversations, community and hashtag challenges. A few of my dear friends haven't tried their hand at that modern Instamatic app yet and I think they would really enjoy it if they did. So I am making my case here in an effort to get them to join me. And if you aren't on IG yet, perhaps I will enable you too... 

Instagram is a free app that is simple to download with a smart phone. It's easy to use, like a simplified version of Facebook, with the focus on the photos and text captions. (There are no annoying games requests, or birthday reminders, and only the very occasional ad.)

It's a wonderful way to simply record happy snaps, create a visual record of the loveliness in your world, document special family moments, or share your creative work with others. There are so many creative ways you can use the medium too. Perhaps you only post photos with a certain colour theme and feel? Perhaps you post just photos of your shoes? Maybe you post just one photo a month of your baby, so that you can chart their progress as they grow? Perhaps it is a scrapbook of colours and textures? An album of family photos set to private (you can choose to just share your account with friends and family, or make it public)? Or a collection of pics of your food. It's your feed to curate as you wish, with no right or wrong! 

You can use it to improve your photography. The more you do something, the better you get at it. So by taking more photos you will develop a keener eye in selecting your content and framing your shot. That pretty light, those interesting shadows, this strange texture and little things you once noticed only in passing will hold your attention for longer and lead to a greater appreciation as you try to capture and share that beauty with others. Or not! There's no pressure.

It's a great source of inspiration! You can follow your friends, celebrities, creatives, strangers, brands and bands. There are such an amazing wealth of images no matter what makes your heart sing and you get to curate your own feed by choosing who you follow. Whether you love craft, books, tools, cooking, yoga or cats, there's an Instagram account for that. There are communities and challenges you can be a part of too. You can share your yoga photos and partake in challenges, as my sister does. You can find your voice and document your unique view of motherhood and capture moments that fade much too quickly like . You can sell your artwork on the site or with a link to your shop - it is such a wonderful platform for small businesses. So many of my wonderful clients have found me on Instagram, and follow me there to keep up to date with what I am working on, and images from my part of the world.

And if those aren't reason enough to promote an Instagram liaison, check out these wonderful accounts -

And you can find me @christinalowrydesigns

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

'maze & vale'

I am so attracted to artists with a strong and recognisable aesthetic, where you really feel the work they are producing is so honest to their creative self. Which is why I am so attracted to the work of Leslie Keating of 'maze & vale'. Leslie is a multidisciplinary artist in which each aspect of her work is informed by the rest. From surface design to screen printing, softie making to quilting, to works on paper with pen and water colour, Leslie's use of muted hues, subtle variation, organic and geometric shapes, and natural materials is reflected in each piece she turns her hand to. I find those tones, moods and patterns so very appealing and have watched with fascination as Leslie's work and business has grown with such fluid grace. 

Leslie's latest achievement is a collection of 100 original works on paper exploring the medium of water colour. These abstract and expressive works are so tantalising, I could not resist adding one to the picture rail above my bed. Thankfully Leslie has enjoyed the challenge of producing a work each day that she has continued with the practice for the next little while at least, so if, like me, you are a fan of her work, go and follow her on Instagram and snap up a painting as soon as she lists it, as they don't last long! If you do miss out, the rumor is she will be producing prints of some of these pieces soon. Fingers crossed!!

You can find Leslie's blog here, to see more of her talent at work.
Or stalk her style on Pinterest.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Gem Festival Goodness

I have been buried beneath sickness, laundry and a pile of dishes (that somehow included every bowl we own) today. The oldest did not return to school with his classmates, but rather lay on the couch beneath a blanket attempting to rest and fend off his siblings interest. Rather than focusing on my own runny nose, I thought I would share a few images from the gem festival on the weekend. So many colours, shapes and textures. So beautiful.

'Afternoon Tea' Beads - Back by Demand!

Here they are! The new collection of 'Afternoon Tea' Beads!

After receiving several requests for more of these colourful, delightful beads, I have created six new designs for you, in bright colours. They are listed at $35 with free shipping. I have three necklaces in stock for each of the six designs, so it is a matter of first in, first served!

Spoil yourself with some Summery accessories, or cross some names off your Christmas list. Each strand is gift wrapped in spotty paper goodness and tied with the sweetest string, making these beads a complete gift for friends, family and teachers.

So pop over to the shop now to make your choices and snap these up!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Cheers and Tears - Reaching Goals

'I was a little emotional last night. I brought flowers and wine to celebrate reaching the final milestone in my five year plan, in just two years, then had a little cry too. I had thought I couldn't really begin my business until my children were all at school. The goals I wrote down at the beginning seemed so unattainable - do a Finders Keepers market, get a professional logo, have my work stocked in a bricks and mortar store, get business cards, postcards, stamps and stickers, a banner, get a metal stamp of my logo, design and make distinct collections, do a photo shoot and look book, get an intern, make a $1,000 sale online, order jewellery boxes printed with my logo. 

I crossed the very last item off my list when the courier arrived yesterday, and I did a little happy dance. Another milestone reached, thanks to a lot of determined work, a lot of support from family and friends, and a lot of wonderful customers - without whom there would be no business. So cheers and tears to all of you for making my dream come true! When I send you one of my new jewellery boxes, I hope you feel just how special it is. xx'

I wanted to share this Instagram post here because this is where it all began. The creative community I met through this space encouraged me to turn my hobby in to a business and supported each milestone I reached. I want to send everyone that had ever visited this space a huge thank you!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Back In Stock - 'Haiku' Necklaces

The collection of nine simple and interesting 'Haiku' necklaces sold out in the first week that I released them. They are now back in the shop and available for order. Each design is a beautiful addition to any outfit, and makes a wonderful gift. 

Visit the shop to make one yours!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Finding Your Ring Size Made Easy

Don't forget, if you are wondering how to quickly and easily check your ring size, you can purchase a Ring Sizing Gauge from the shop for $2 including postage!
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