Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Aiming High For Business Success

It's a week of meetings this week. Photographer, intern potentials, marketing and graphic designer meetings. I've been flipping between my 'maker hat' and my 'manager hat'. I'm looking at the future direction of the business and creating action plans. Working out where my time is best spent and where I can bring in other people. Getting my head around letting go of some parts of my business, while remaining the designer and creative director of the whole. Anticipating ways I can grow my business while staying true to my vision. My brain is bursting with ideas and excitement!

I am so pleased to be surrounded by such creative and talented women, whom I consider friends. By combining our skills and talents, Christina Lowry Designs is going to become the best jewellery designer, manufacturer and retailer in Australia. 

Watch this space!


Friday, February 5, 2016

Intern Wanted!

Wanted: a jewellery intern! 

Rochedale, Brisbane. 9am -2pm Tuesday. 

Creative, reliable, passionate about jewellery, some experience an advantage. Tools not necessary.

My previous intern went on to undertake a jewellery apprenticeship and has stayed a close friend. So I'm looking for someone who is interested in learning, or furthering their skills as a jeweller, while helping me fill orders. Duties will include finishing and polishing castings, then progress from there. Training in jewellery design, creation, small business, industry contacts and bench time in exchange. Suit someone looking for experience to gain an apprenticeship, or someone looking to start their own small business. 

Please email me at with some info about yourself and any examples of your work - even in another creative field. Know someone who might be interested? Please point them this way! xx

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


How foolish I was thinking I could prepare myself for the death of a loved one in the hope of easing the pain. Neither time or knowing it's inevitable make it any easier. I've been learning this with my lovely old cat these past few days. For all his sixteen years, and all my adult life, he was my dear black cat. Then suddenly, it was his time. I had kidded myself in to thinking I would cope better when that time came, knowing he had had a good life, knowing he was an old cat, knowing the time was coming sooner rather than later. But it did nothing to lessen the pain.

Saturday night he lay about the house in his usual cat like manner. He was a cat that knew just where you wanted to put your feet, and so there he lay. He was most fond of sleeping in front of the fridge while we attempted to prepare dinner. I think he just loved to feel involved (and annoy my husband.) Amongst the hustle and bustle of bedtime on Saturday night, he had an accident inside the house, but I thought nothing of it until the next morning. When I saw him, his little tummy was blown up like a balloon and I knew something was terribly wrong. 

We sat on the back deck with him while I waited for the Vet to open. Crying and cuddling him. Part of me still hopeful that it was just an infection and a table was the answer. But in my heart I knew it was time. I called my husband, my sister. I called my neighbour and arranged for her to look after the children. Then I called the Vet. I explained the situation and she told me it was time.

I brought a baby blanket to the Vet with me. It was a baby shower gift when I was pregnant with my first born. I've wrapped each of my babies in that soft blanket. After the needle did it's work and the Vet helped me lay Seth down, she wrapped him in that blanket too, and tucked him into my arms like a newborn.

He's buried in the garden now. Wrapped in our love, our memories and a baby blanket. 


More of Seth's story and my Goodbye letter to our dog, Odin, in this post.

Monday, February 1, 2016

'The Wilderness Collection' Release!

The Wilderness Collection
Botanically Inspired Fine Jewellery

 "Reconnect with nature through the botanically inspired 'Wilderness Collection.' Each piece in this range has been created using twigs cast by way of the traditional burn out method. The organic shoots are surrounded with plaster, which is heated until they are completely burnt out and only a hollow in the plaster remains. Molten metal is poured in to these cavities to produced finely detailed replicas of the original twig, meaning no two are alike. Designer and jeweller Christina Lowry then transforms these precious metal pieces in to beautiful, textured jewellery."

Product photos: Christina Lowry
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