Saturday, October 17, 2009

I love op-shopping...

After a two week absence from my local op-shops, this morning I made my way there. I think the op-shop gods were smiling on me today, trying to make up for the two weeks I have just spent with no car. The pram held a sleeping baby and the basket beneath held all sorts of treasure by the time we were making our way back to my glorious car.
(Well, it sure looks glorious at the moment. You know, abscence - heart - fonder - etc.)
Curious as a cat I started to explore this red barn full of trucks and animals.
A lovely lady explained to me that it had been used by her Grandson whenever he came to visit her and it is 15 years old. She no longer needs it, as he is 17 now, so she donated it to the store she was volunteering for. She smiled at me and asked me about Cohen and I knew I couldn't leave without it. Her eyes shone to see the little boy it would belong to.
I think I will put it away until he is a little older, then give it a good clean and get some more animals for it.
I think Cohen will have hours of fun with this, don't you?
There were of course items that called my name too, like this large cotton quilt bag.
I think it will do very nicely to store one or two of my growing collection of quilts .
This fantastic and very old looking Elastoplast tin is full of buttons. I wonder how old it really is?
I love a good tin of buttons! Oh yes indeed. Is there anything like running your hands over the top of the buttons and picking out all your favourite?
Or finding all those funny bits and pieces that always seem to find their way into the button tin. I mean look; a marble, nails, a pin, a vintage necklace clasp and of course buckles.
And the buttons! Look at these sweet ones I pulled out.
This one looks like glass or jet and has "BGE Orig" written on the back. I wonder who BGE were and if dubious copies were made of their wonderful buttons, thus the "original'?
And look, a military button.
Oh, if only my buttons could talk. Who did they belong to? Was he husband in the air force? Did she sit in the sun room and darn his clothes?
Ornate brass buttons, from a fancy jacket? They are so pretty that they could be earrings.
These came home with me too...
0.50c for a peg holder who would like a date with one of Cohen's small coat hangers.
Some cute clothes for Cohen, a gorgeous Portmans top for me, and this 0.50c children's pillow case, sporting a cheeky rabbit...
and a startled chicken. Un-ironed of course, whose blog do you think this is?
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