Saturday, February 20, 2010

Flea Market Finds...

A few years ago I took a plane to visit my sister. We talked nonstop, we drank coffee and wine, we watched movies and went shopping and we wandered into a second hand bookshop where I found this darling book, 'The Home Book for Young Ladies', and knew I had to take it home. It is full of all manner of interesting information for young ladies, and...
inside the front cover -
"A Small token of
Love from Charlie to
Clarrie on her 20th
Birthday 23/2/95"
Inside the book was a small black and white photo of a beautiful building.
I am left wondering, who was this Charlie?
Charlie definitely sounds more of a term of endearment than Charles.
A token of love. I wonder what ever happened to these young lovers?
More flea market finds here.
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