Tuesday, May 3, 2011



Pending storms always illicit a childlike excitement in me. I remember the quiet thrill associated with loosing power during a storm as a child and having to light candles. I wondered at my parents frustration. It seemed such a novelty to me. Hail too seemed a fascinating rarity.

Flashes of lightening and the hum of thunder sent us scurrying from post office to library with intention this afternoon, in order to beat the storm home. Clothes off the line. Windows shut tight. Cat in the house. Crayons and sketch books out. Chicken enchilada for dinner tonight. Now the clouds have opened, the lightening is closer and the thunder louder.

As an adult I better understand my parents attitude, but it doesn't quell the kernel of excitement I still associate with storms.

And I have the candles out, just in case.
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