Thursday, February 2, 2012

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Completed back, front ribbing begun

I have been waiting on the arrival of some wool, but felt the need to have something on my needles in the meantime. Especially given all the moments to knit I have been finding lately. (Though who knows for how much longer.)

After completing my first ever raglan sleeve garment, I felt quite optimistic about trying another one, though for the baby this time. I discovered this old knitting pamphlet amongst some gifted knitting booklets and retrieved a ball of 4ply wool from my stash - which had been brought for a project that has since been abandoned. 

I love that this pattern has a 4ply and 8 ply version. If I can knit it with success this time, I dare say I shall be knitting it again in the future. I did have a fair bit of ripping out to do after I realised I had been K2tog, P2tog, when I should have been K2, P2tog for the raglan decrease. I'm also hoping that blocking it at the end will have the fabric looking less holey that it does at present, though perhaps it is the wool?

What have you been making?


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