Friday, February 24, 2012

Shawl inspiration

Shawl inspiration
L-R: The Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief, Damask, Henslowe,
Percy Shawl, mara, Leaves Dancing,
textured shawl recipe, MILO, Pretty Maids.

Oh shawls, they are such lovely things, aren't they? My first ever shawl was one I found while thrifting as a teenager. It was dusty rose coloured. A cobweb like shawl with several holes that I imagined were from years of use. It would have truly fit through a wedding ring, a quality my Grandmother admired and which fascinated me. I kept it for many years, draped around my many rooms, until the sweet thing finally all but fell apart. 

Even then, I still thought shawls a little old fashioned and impractical before I attempted my first crochet shawl for myself. Then I quickly fell in love with them as more than mere decoration. A shawl in a knot around my neck is now one of my favourite Winter items. And surely they are just as practical to wrap around ones shoulders for middle of the night feeds. Which may be why I've spent so much time on Ravelry of late, trying to choose a pattern to attempt my first knitted shawl.
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