Wednesday, March 21, 2012



Relaxed into a nest of cushions on the couch, a sleepy baby in my arms, Cohen's voice floated up to me from the garden where he was digging with his father, "Mama, mama! Look!"
"I'm feeding the baby," I automatically replied.
"He's found something," called Dave.

The next minute I could hear small, muddy shoes quickly shuffling up the back stairs. (A sound that always makes me smile.) Cohen stood in the doorway announcing, "Get shoes yes." How could I resist? "Yes," I said. He led us to his little wheelbarrow full of dirt, pointing and whispering delightedly, "Worm. Look. There it is."

I oohed and ahhed, I pointed and asked questions. I explained to Emerson that worms eat the soil. I watched Cohen's face light up. And I remembered to think like a toddler. I remembered how exciting every new discovery is and I want to share in those discoveries. I remembered that saying yes shows him how much I value him, it encourages him to show me his next discovery and it's a way to lead by example for when I ask for something from him too.

I also wouldn't have seen a worm yesterday if not for Cohen.
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