Friday, May 18, 2012

Book signing

Rhonda Hetzel
Rhonda Hetzel

Emerson at the book signing
Emerson, sleeping throughout the talk in her Aunts welcoming arms. (Though she was awoken by the applause at the end.) 

Noni and Emmy
Aunty Fiona and Emerson

'Down to Earth' book signing

Last night Fiona, Emerson and I attended a book signing at Avid Reader in West End, where we were able to meet the lovely Rhonda Hetzel. I have only ever been to one other book signing previously, for Alain De Botton's book 'Status Anxiety.' Another author whom I admire greatly. I recall I was in such a quandary at the time as to what one says to a philosopher, without sounding like a dill, that when my time came I merely muttered my name as he good-naturedly inscribed my book. I still have the book and I still haven't thought of the perfect thing I could have said. And I probably looked like a dill. Last night though, I actually managed to introduce myself, Fiona and Emerson to Rhonda and thank her for linking to my blog recently.

Rhonda's successful blog, 'Down to Earth,' has been a source of inspiration for me ever since a friend first emailed me the address, knowing it was something I would be interested in. From homemaking to growing veggies, Rhonda's blog provides a nurturing example of a simpler life in modern times. An example that is difficult not to want to emulate. Her recent book release is a beautifully presented reference for all that information, which I know I shall continue to return to. 

I was so pleased to be able to listen to Rhonda talk about her journey and have her sign my copy of her book. Now I'm looking forward to some quiet reading time.


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