Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Day Indeed

Anniversary roses

I spent our ninth wedding anniversary yesterday suffering from a miserable cold, trying to achieve as much as
I could from the couch, in my pyjamas, surrounded by tissues. I nursed the baby, pulled Lego apart upon request from Cohen and I struggled with a little self pity. Gone are the pre-children days where we would travel each anniversary. Be it driving back to Byron Bay where we were married, flying off to Melbourne to explore and shop, or floating over the water to Couran Cove to fall asleep by a pool in the middle of the day.

Instead, Dave and Cohen volunteered their services for grocery shopping duties. And while they shopped, I mustered the energy to cook chicken enchiladas with rice, from scratch. Once home, I greeted them with warm comfort food and Cohen surprised me with a beautiful bunch of apricot roses announcing, "Happy Day! Happy Day!," unable to get his little mouth around 'anniversary.' My sweet boys. My loves.

It may not have been the kind of anniversary you dream about, or the kind we once had, but I really couldn't ask for more. For better or worse, in sickness and in health, from romantic dinners to pyjama clad meals at home, this is the season of our relationship now. All that we have weathered has brought us here. We have grown up and grown together. We have the family we dreamed about. We are together and loved. It was a happy day indeed.

Anniversary roses

Happy anniversary Dave. I love you.
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