Thursday, May 3, 2012

Right now

Recipe journal

Bread dough

From scratch

Seedling trays

Mulched veggie patched

First watermelon

Box brownie

New on the ledge

Writing out my favourite recipes in the journal I received at Christmas
Baking all my own bread for my month from scratch challenge and enjoying the meditative qualities of kneading dough
A from scratch meal - roast chicken and potatoes with homemade gravy, fresh rolls and honey glazed carrots
Seeds planted for my garden and to swap with friends
Sugar-cane mulching the garden beds with Cohen's 'help'
My first organic water melon harvested from the garden!
Admiring my gifted box brownie
New post cards from the gallery on the picture ledge
Sewing little aprons for little friend's birthdays
Listening to the amazing sound of the kookaburras who have been noticed sitting on our fence of late, looking like something out of a painting
Typing with a sleeping baby in my arms
Feeling thankful for all that home and Motherhood have to offer


Inspired by SouleMama
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