Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Weed, dig, plant

Veggie patch progress

Veggie patch
Planted out, ready for mulching with sugar cane

Veggie patch
Lettuce, strawberries, eggplant

Veggie patch
Cherry tomato seedlings prior to staking

Paper pots

I've been putting my Winter veggie garden plans into practice. While the soil was still wet after the rain, Dave and I got out in the garden on the weekend and undertook an exercise in weeding. Phew. Eight weeks post-surgery, it was my first really physical undertaking, which my body kept reminding me of yesterday. I removed the remains of the spent veggie plants from the bed above - leaving only the basil and one lettuce behind - in preparation of a Winter planting.

We piled everything up over the stumps of the palm trees previously cut down in that corner, in order to open air compost the weeds and encourage the palm stumps to rot down. While turning the soil with a garden fork, I unearthed so many fat, healthy worms and even a Delma tincta legless lizard. Only one bed currently remains in use, as I wait and hope that the five watermelons on the vine will finish ripening soon. After a trip to the nursery, I planted out ten strawberry plants, an eggplant, a capsicum and eight cherry tomato seedlings. It's so satisfying to get my hands dirty and see this garden bed taking shape.

The paper pots above contain seeds of Allysium, Snap Dragon and a Cottage Mix that I had in the cupboard. I have sprinkled more into a few large pots in the hopes of some Winter colour. Also during my nursery trip, I picked up several more packets of vegetable and herb seeds. Potting them up, in the pots saved from the new plants above, is next on my list. I spent a total of $54 on the plants, seeds and potting mix yesterday. I am hoping that the eventual harvest will outweigh the investment - providing us with food and off-setting our grocery budget. I shall keep you posted.

Have you been out in the garden lately?
Are you growing Winter vegetables?
Any advice?
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