Friday, June 8, 2012

Nursery Progress

The renovations on the house have continued quietly in the background, though it has been some time since I mentioned them or updated the House Tour page on my blog.

We've had new sliding doors installed leading out from the lounge and the master bedroom to the front deck. The old glass doors were quite worn, the locks were suspicious and the doors themselves kept slipping off their runners. Also, the fittings wouldn't allow for the addition of a sliding screen door. And in Summer in Queensland, fly screens are a must in my books. So along with the new doors, we have new screens made with marine grade steel mesh to deter kitty claws. Which is working to a degree. The builders have also installed the new eaves around the entire outside of the house. The original eaves had to be removed as they contained asbestos. We had all the asbestos removed at once (back in August?) and the poor house has been eave-less this whole time. Money is always the major factor when renovating.

There have also been the annoying jobs, like possum proofing the garage (twice. Possums are determined little things!) and re-hanging the shelves in my studio, as the special wall plugs and screws that were supposed to be able to hold the weight of the shelves and books were failing. The shelves are re-hung, but the books have been moved and a lighter display will replace them.

There has been progress in Emerson's room too since the last update. She is still sleeping in her bassinet in our room but she is fast outgrowing it.

Nursery Progress
Looking in to her room now.

Looking in to her room when we brought the house.

Nursery Progress

Nursery progress
Still loving this thrifted $2 light fitting.

Nursery Progress
The little green chair is a Cohen addition. He brought it in from his room to 'help' at change time.

Nursery progress

Dave installed this Ribba picture ledge for me on the weekend. Now to search for some sweet thrifty decorations to adorn it. I've been looking at some inspiration that I shall have to share with you too.

The room still needs a rug of some kind and blinds on the windows to further block out the light. I am tempted to paint that little three tiered shelf and the change table white. And like the rest of the house, the skirting board still needs painting. I ran out of time when the rest of the painting was being done because the floor was due to be sanded. Now with two little ones, moving everything to paint the skirting boards through out the house is going to be an interesting challenge!

We have a long weekend in these parts this weekend, and a list of renovations planned for it. Expect another up date soon.
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