Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Yarn Along

Yarn Along

Yarning along today for the love of reading and knitting, warmed by the knowledge than many of you reading this post are like minded souls who read, knit or both. Which is what I love about this blogging community. What I struggle to find in the real world, I can find online; people a little like me. Do you find that too?

You see, I've met quite a lot of non-readers the past few weeks. People who just don't read. Who don't buy or borrow books. I'm getting good at hiding my shocked face when they tell me. I find myself asking new people, be it at playgroup or meeting new people through friends, what they read or what they make. And more often than not lately they neither read or craft. Which is fine, don't get me wrong. They are perfectly nice people. I'm sure they have other fulfilling hobbies and wonderful lives. But I forget that lots of people are like that. That knitting and reading isn't just normal for them. My husband tells me that more people don't read books regularly than do. I think perhaps my literary and creative friends online and in real life have spoilt me and given me unrealistic expectations of others?

So, like-minded readers, it may interest you to know that I am slowly knitting away at my first cardigan for myself and that I have no expectations of ever finishing it. That might be a little dramatic. But if the length of time it has taken me to knit the first two inches is anything to go by, Cohen may well be finishing school before I am wearing this grey cardigan. Less time consuming is the book I've chosen for book club this month. (The first time the choice has fallen to me which means I am hosting the evening too. Exciting!) I've chosen another American classic and a classic of the book club, 'The Great Gatsby.' Which none of the other members has ever read. I am envisioning an evening of discussion by candlelight, with 1920's jazz music, canapes and champagne in my lounge room. Appropriate choices for such a book and an evening where all our husbands shall be looking after our children. It does but happen once a month.

And you, what are you reading or knitting? Are you surrounded by readers and knitters in real life, or do you often feel the odd one out carrying needles and books in your bag? Have you read 'The Great Gatsby'?


Joining in with Ginny's Yarn Along.
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