Saturday, August 4, 2012

Loving Brooches

Brooch mosaic

L-R: Typewritter brooch, Polaroid Wood Brooch, Cute Red Fox Brooch,
Geometric Deer Brooch, Sleeping Cat Brooch, Geometric Bear Brooch,
Lady with a bird, Mini Book Pin,White Summer Cloud Ceramic Brooch.

In my head the way I dress is a reflection of my self and my tastes. Ideally, my clothes would be a selection of vintage dresses, hand knitted cardigans, funky tights, beautiful hand bags and glamorous heels. A little like this lovely lady. (Oh, how I would love to raid her wardrobe.) And while this is true to a lesser degree, the majority of the time I can be found wearing dark jeans, an assortment of coloured flats (perfect for chasing a toddler), vintage inspired tops (that I can breastfeed in) and a collection of new and thrifted cardigans (occasionally handknit) with a simple black nappy bag (that was sporting a brooch, from the Gallery of Modern Art referencing Margritte that read, "This is not a Badge." Until it fell off and was lost.) 

My budget rarely accommodates the labels I once loved. So, in order to add a little more 'me' to an outfit I rely on my collection of handmade shawls and scarves in Winter, and year round, my collection of brooches. I love brooches. I have many. Antique, vintage, handmade, simple, complex, heirloom brooches. The brooches above are my latest favourites on Etsy. 

Are you a brooch wearer? How do you express yourself with what you wear? What is your style? 
Are you like me, where the ideal and the reality are not quite the same?
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