Saturday, September 1, 2012

Eight little things on the first day of Spring

home grown carrots

little toes



window sill

cheeky miss

book stacks

Cohen's room

Eight little things I've been enjoying this week, inspired by Tania at ivy nest.

1. Organic carrots harvested from the garden. We've had fresh home grown carrots as part of dinner the past four nights. The novelty is yet to wear off.

2. Catching a glimpse of tiny toes when checking on the sleeping baby. As the weather warms up blankets are becoming less necessary for day naps.

3. Trinkets. They tend to be discarded here at the end of the day, waiting to be put away. But I think they look kind of pretty. 

4. Bringing a bit of the Spring feeling inside with a some orange tulips, which close at night and open again in the morning.

5. The ever changing collection of treasures on the kitchen window ledge.

6. Sweetness.

7. Stacks of reading. Knitting patterns, Frankie, Country Style, Ikea catalogue, and unschooling and self sufficiency books from the library.

8. Spring cleaning has begun. Cohen's room was the starting point, inspired in part by 'Simplicity Parenting' and Greer. It felt good to pack up a box of books that are too old for him yet, donate a garbage bag of toys, another of clothes and toss a garbage bag of bits and pieces too. 

How about you?


Tomorrow is Father's day here in Australia. Wishing all the Father's a wonderful day with their families!
See you again on Monday.
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