Monday, September 10, 2012


saving seeds

new tomatoes

to seed



Sleepy puss puss

This weekend was a lovely balance of home and away. There was a family birthday lunch and a Mama only night out to see a musical. A rare treat. We had guests for dinner and spent time in the garden as a family. I managed some quiet moments to myself here and there to knit, read, write, listen to a pod cast and start on a sewing project. I often wonder how I will fit such things in to a day. There is always so much to do for everyone else. Finding those little moments for myself can be unpredictable, especially when a teething baby needs comforting, but I do believe they are necessary. All work and no play...


1. Collecting lettuce seeds for the first time. Once the yellow flowers died, fluffy hairs akin to dandelion seeds remain, with the lettuce seeds at their base. I picked out the stems, blew gently to remove the chaff and only the seeds remained. 

2. The two tomato plants that sprouted in the middle of the lawn, where a possum had left half eaten fruit, are now producing healthy looking tomatoes. I shall be covering them with a bird net in case of more possums.

3. These spring (green) onions are flowering and going to seed too. It's the first time I have ever seen a spring onion flower. A wonderful sight. I'm so used to simply seeing these plants bundled up with a rubber band on a super market shelf. You can grow spring onions from the bottom white section of the ones you buy at the shops, like this.

4. A Currawong picked this strawberry not long after I took this photo. The main bed of strawberry plants is covered with bird netting. But the few I planted as a border are as yet unprotected. I will be covering them with bird netting too!

5. A flock of Ibis circled high above us as we worked in the back yard. They looked beautiful and majestic in the sky, though I can't say they I find them such on closer inspection. (In Australia you typically see flocks of dirty Ibis at the dump, or behaving like pests as they scavenge for food at outdoor eateries.)

6. Dear old Seth, who inspects our yard work before retiring to the deck. 


How was your weekend? 
Did you take some time to yourself to do the things you like to do? 
Did you spend more time at home or away?
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