Saturday, December 15, 2012

Ornament Swap Goodies


A crochet Christmas tree, knitted star and Lego tree from Little Woolie

A felt and doily pudding and an embroidered felt bell ornament from Wombat's Picnic


Oh dear. Teething. I had forgotten how difficult it could be. Just as I have forgotten what an unbroken sleep feels like. So please forgive me if you are waiting on a return email from me. Feel free to re-send any correspondence you think I may have missed. I am endeavoring to make use of all day time napping opportunities. Even going so far as visiting my sister, only to curl up for a nap after an hour, leaving her to mind the children. (Thank you darling, understanding sister!)

I have been waiting for a chance to share the beautiful ornaments I received in the swap. I have been so lucky.  My partners, Jules and Cyndy, both spoilt me with two ornaments - one for me and one for Emerson. While Jules' son made Cohen his own Lego Christmas tree, a massive hit with my Lego obsessed darling. Thank you so much Jules and Cyndy! Your gorgeous ornaments are hanging proudly on our tree alongside our own handmade ornaments, gold baubles and decorations from my Mother and Grandmothers past Christmas trees, making it all the more special.

I'm so pleased with how well the swap went this year. All you clever crafters out there! Thank you all for participating. Would you be interested in doing it again next year?


Ornament swap house keeping - I know many of you have received your ornaments in the swap, (I love seeing them pop up on your blogs and instagram!) while some of you are still waiting. I have been checking in on late ornaments for concerned swappers, ensuring they have been sent. Some international swappers may still be waiting. I have had a few emails to say that ornaments were sent later than expected, but no emails so far to say that ornaments haven't been sent at all. So I am hopeful everyone will receive their ornaments with time. A few swappers have forgotten to reveal their blog or email addresses with their ornaments. If you can't contact your partner and would like to, shoot me an email. Thanks again! :)
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