Friday, January 11, 2013

Getting back to it

Good morning! This was how we were greeted this morning. :) (Think it's time to pull the side of the cot all the way up.) #cheekybaby

Just this morning this (cheeky) little girl was standing in her cot for the first time. Cohen suddenly no longer needs the stool to stand on to wash his hands. And I found two watermelons growing in the garden that weren't there last time I looked. It feels like there is new growth all around me and I am feeling well enough now to appreciate it. Thank you for all your well wishes and sympathy on my last post. How lovely you are.

There is much work to catch up on today. A mountain of washing. An island of towels. A tower of dishes. Dirty floor and bathroom. Camping and sickness bring new challenges to the housewife! Time to find our rhythm again.

So here are a couple of inspirational links while I get to work -

Building your cleaning arsenal on Design Sponge - tips on creating a natural cleaning kit 
Reducing the cost of living - more thoughtful and practical tips from the wonderful Rhonda (who I would like to adopt as a Grandmother)
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