Saturday, February 9, 2013

Stitch. Read. Covet. Blog.

Knit: I fell in love with Alana's descriptions of Botanical Knits as I caught up on the Never Not Knitting pod casts after my surgery. The newly released design book did not disappointed. I brought a copy of the pdf this morning and have already added Entangled Vines to my knitting queue.

Read: I've seen Pia Jane Bijkerk's lovely styling and words in frankie and Country Style magazines, as well as on the Home Life blog. But it was only by following an Instagram hash tag that I discovered Pia's blog and her Pozible campaign. If you are a sentimental Mama, as I know I am, this may be the perfect Mother's Day gift for you too. There are five days to left to help Pia self publish her fourth book. 

Covet: Have you seen this dress? The Author Outing Dress. I have a case of the wanties with this dress, though my sister was less impressed. I like to imagine myself on a date with my dear husband in this dress. Perhaps we would go to the movies. (I don't think I have been to the movies since before Cohen was born - and he is four.)

Blog: Michelle has been blogging at hugo & elsa for almost seven years. It's a favourite of mine, and one that I click over to each time I see a new post in my reader. It's such a wealth of inspiration. From honest cooking, to the charms of country life. From renovations to camping, vintage to veggies, Michelle has a beautiful eye for design and colour, and a flair with food. hugo & elsa is sporting a new simple and elegant blog layout and I think you will enjoy sitting down with a cuppa and having a wander through Michelle's gorgeous posts.

(Tying these Loving links together today, Pia mentioned hugo & elsa as a blog that inspires her in an article in Country Style and Michelle has blogged about and is supporting Pia's book project. I love how the blog community works like that.)


This post has not been sponsored in any way. The above are genuine items/people/blogs that I am loving.

Care to share your own Knit. Read. Covet. Blog. in the comments or in a post of your own?
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