Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Yarn Along



While pregnant with Emerson, and in the weeks after her birth, I knitted a simple striped garter stitch blanket for her. For the past year it has gone everywhere with us. Unfortunately that dear blanket came to a sad end after our disastrous camping trip (two words - tummy bug.) Yes, that lovely little blanket managed to get thrown in the washing machine with the acrylic blankets. Unlike the acrylic blankets, it turned to felt. I was horrified when I pulled it out the machine. But what is a knitter to do, except knit another blanket?

Thus I had in mind to knit Emerson a new blanket for her first birthday. I ordered the wool and already had the pattern, before I found out about my naughty eyes and the required surgery. Now, two weeks post surgery, I have been working on it little by little for the past week as my eye allows, hoping to have it finished by the 27th. There will be a wrapped book (once I choose the perfect one) and this beautiful hand knit bonnet by Greer at Typically Red as well. Surely no one will notice the missing blanket should it not be ready? 

While my eyes can not bear to read for very long yet, I am listening to 'The Happiness Project' on audio book, read by the author Gretchen Rubin. Once again, thank goodness for audio books!

And you? What are you reading and knitting?


Joining in with Ginny.
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