Monday, June 17, 2013

From the bench

1. 'Away with the cloud earrings' in progress. I'm pleased to have them back in stock in the shop. I've decided to keep a pair for myself and another pair have been sold as a birthday gift, so they may not last long.
2. A finished commission. 9ct yellow gold petal, pearl pendant using clients pearl - which she brought on a holiday in Broome. Simple and beautiful. I have plans for a silver version for the shop.
3. Traditionally knotted on coloured silk, with sterling silver lobster clasps, these beads were brought back from New York by another client. I find threading and knotting beads, or pearls, so calming and satisfying.


Last week was a busy week at the jewellery bench, with sales, client repairs and commissions to work on. There will be more of the same this week. I plan to put aside some time to work on new stock for the shop too. My head is full of pearl and brooch designs, perfect for Winter wear.

In the meantime I was wondering, is there anything in particular you would like to see in the shop? Any older designs you'd like to see again? More pearl strands? Bracelets like those above? I really would love to know. 
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