Thursday, August 1, 2013

New In the Shop

Design your own necklace! Choose five handmade beads on brown or black braid for $26 with free postage. Comment below or email :)
Custom order for Alison. More pics of made up beads in my shop - :)

Now you can design your own sweet and colourful necklace for $26! Simply choose five handmade sculpey bead colours, decide on black or brown braided cotton, and leave your instructions at the checkout. These fun necklaces are perfect for popping out for afternoon tea. They simply slip over your head for a splash of colour and handmade goodness.

Pop over to the shop for more details and to order. Or take a look at my Facebook albums for some colour combination inspiration.

Handmade by Christina Lowry.

*Free National and International Shipping.*
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