Thursday, September 19, 2013

Made By Hand - Link Up

'Made By Hand' is a weekly creative show and tell, with an aim to foster community, conversation and inspiration.
My aim is to craft a life of homemade, home grown happiness. 
So, what are you creating right now? Join in by leaving a link below.

Wherever I Roam
Wherever I Roam
yesterday today tomorrow

1. 'Wherever I Roam' Picture Jasper Pendant
2. Flower Gum cut out on the reverse
3. New Fresh water pearl versions of 'Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow'
4. Playing with beads and updating the shop
5. 'Satisfied Mind' earrings
6. 'Something in the Way' Spinel Earrings
7. An amazing lino stamp version of my 'One for the pot' piece, hand carved and gifted by the wonderful Kylie. Looking rather lovely stamped on to my white gift bags.
8. Keeping it real - stock take, tagging, writing descriptions and making lists, while Dave took the children to the in-laws for dinner

This week has been all about the jewellery, with a few rows of knitting now and again. I felt like I hadn't achieved too much creatively until I looked back at my photographs. Then I was reminded of the flurry of finishing, photographing, editing, uploading, sorting, list making, organising and stamping - how fantastic is my stamp?! 

Once I am on top of the jewellery stock for the market, I am looking forward to starting on a little crochet project for myself - Alexandra Mackenzie's Granny Square tea cosy. I'm a bad crafter and a bad tea lover, for I do not currently own a tea cosy! 

So, lovely readers, what have you been making of late?

PS. As one of my sponsors this month, Ellen from Alexandra Mackenzie is also offering my readers a 20% discount off all her patterns. Enter the code CHRISTINA20 at checkout. Valid until the 29th September.

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