Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Shoe shopping the blues away - DFO

Shoe shopping to chase the blues away. #tonybianco #ibroughttheblackones #dfoblogger

When life gives you lemons, one is told to make lemonade. However, when life gives you two unruly children, a husband who stubbornly refuses to agree with his wife (hmpf!) and a series of 'nothing seems to be going right' moments, the answer is to go shoe shopping. Am I right? It would have been an even better solution had it been a solo shopping expedition. Alas, it was not to be.

Ah, the joys of shopping with two children. Some days they are dear little angels and old ladies stop me to tell me what delightful children I have, while my heart bursts with pride. Unfortunately, this was not one of those days. Cohen, who had promised to sit nicely on the over sized ottoman at the front of the store, was either sprawled all over it, or had snuck off it completely in order to pull strange faces in front of a large mirror. Miss Emerson meanwhile, sat in her pram and busied herself by removing and throwing her own shoes around the store, before demanding loudly that they be reattached to her feet, only so she could repeat the process...

I must say, the girl at Tony Bianco DFO* was quite patient and generous as I browsed the displays. She smiled graciously at my unruly children and pretended not to notice my hissed requests that Cohen remove the stock from his feet. While I sat to try on the shoes of my choosing, Cohen unleashed a typical four year old torrent of questions upon the young sales assistant, who thoughtfully answered such queries as "why do your jeans have holes in them?" "why don't my clothes have holes in them when we buy them?" and "how many phones do you have?" I smiled apologetically, secretly glad that I was offered a short reprieve from such questions, which continued at the counter as I paid. Still, success! New shoes! Hooray!

Wildly optimistic, or stubbornly deluded, I decided to try and repeat my success at Novo. Now though, both children were on the loose - Emerson refusing to remain in the pram a moment longer - and the shoes I fell in love with weren't available in my size. Still holding tightly to my previous success, I decided it was time to call it a day. As I shuffled my children back to the car my best friend called.

"Yes, I would like to stop in for a cuppa while our children play. Wait 'til you see my new shoes!"

*This post was brought to you by DFO, but my opinions are my own. DFO is a well known destination for leading Australian and International brands at up to 70% off. DFO Jindalee is located at 16 Amazons Place, Brisbane. Open 7 days, 10am - 6pm. You can find their website here and they are also on facebook.

A big thanks to DFO for the opportunity to be a brand ambassador for the last few months. 
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