Sunday, November 24, 2013


Cohen and Seth
"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013." Che and Fidel.

Cohen: I put down the dishes and picked up the camera when I glimpsed this beautiful, quiet moment between Cohen and our dear old cat.
Emerson: When things are difficult, this little one reminds me of the joys of parenting. Her laughter is infectious, her curiosity is fascinating and her antics are oh so amusing.

This past week Cohen has mastered nursery rhymes, after never being particularly interested before, and Emerson has mastered standing on her tippy toes, which causes her great delight. Both my little darlings are so full of energy and life, while I feel quite exhausted. Poor wee dears, stuck with a Mama who has to rest. Though they seem to be coping with it quite well.

The most appealing time of the day lately has been that window of time just before they go to bed. Rituals we all look forward to. The choosing of the books, the way they gather beside me, the cuddles, laughter and questions as I read. The tucking in and nightlight for Cohen. The cuddles and rocking for Emerson. That one last glass of water for Cohen. It's such a lovely way to end our day. Just as both of them crawling in to bed with us in the morning is the very best way to start the day.
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