Thursday, November 21, 2013

Made By Hand

Ornament tutorial

I've started thinking about Christmas - day dreaming about all the crafts and gifts I'd like to try my hand at in the coming month. I've been perusing Pinterest, pinned a few things to my Christmas Craft Inspiration folder, I've written a list of family and friends we'll give presents to and I've been thinking about crafting and baking with the kids. And then reality kicks in and I'm reminded of how tired and unmotivated I am feeling whilst pregnant, how I've been told to 'just rest' by my doctor, how my pregnancy has been classed as 'high risk', and how much cleaning up those crafting and baking sessions necessitate...

Regardless, I so want to create a loving, memorable, handmade, simple Christmas. So this year, instead of trying to make as many of the gifts as possible myself, I will be turning to my favourite makers and crafters and buying from them. I'll focus on some simple crafts with the kids - like simple handmade Christmas cards, stamped wrapping paper and a paper bag advent calender. We'll be sticking to the golden rule for the children - 'Something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read." And I won't be volunteering to do the family dinner here on the day either!

Last year I traded in the aisles of the major shopping centers for for the aisles of craft markets and online stores for our Christmas shopping. I pledged to celebrate a handmade Christmas and make as many gifts as I could, and buy everything else from Australian crafters. From wrapping paper to Christmas cards, we made as much ourselves. And what we didn't make, we brought from small businesses or thrifted. There was the occasional book for the hard to buy for, and this year there will be a bike with training wheels for a certain little boy. But my focus was on handmade and on encouraging others to think about where they are spending their money. 

This inspired the 12 Days of Christmas giveaway on my blog, where twelve of my favourite makers showcased their wares and one item a day was given away to one lucky reader. This year I am running a similar giveaway, only all 12 items will be included in the one giveaway, which will be open for one week, with one winner. So, to celebrate the season of giving, and to encourage all of us to think handmade and local, I have asked eleven of my favourite crafters to join me in a special giveaway which will be posted Monday. I would love it if you would consider these clever crafters when looking for your Christmas gifts.

Have you been thinking about Christmas? 

Or crafting for Christmas?
Do you buy handmade?

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