Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Project Life


I realised recently that I had a bit of a problem with my 'memory keeping' skills. This was about the time that it came to my attention that it had been two years since I had had any photos for the dear old photo album printed. Which meant that our photo album had no knowledge of Emerson's birth or existence, along with a hundred other things. Bad Mama. The task had certainly gotten away from me and seemed quite, quite overwhelming. I kept putting it off, then feeling guilty it. Dave's assistance became necessary, as I finally began the mammoth task of compiling and editing thousands of images over the holidays. Several hours and 800+ photos printed later, the situation is almost remedied. I have been sorting the final stack of photos in to chronological order while repeatedly promising myself not to repeat this particular turn of events. Now to slip them in to the photo album as if nothing happened...

It occurred to me that I needed a different system. (Or any system at all.) Then I was reminded of 'Project Life', which I have stumbled upon on various blogs over the years. Inspired by the likes of Pink Ronnie and many a Pinterest pin, I visited Spotlight and brought myself a starter kit and some accessories. And I think I am on to a win. Combining my love of photography and craft with my desire to create something precious to hold our memories? Tick!

I'm really looking forward to working on this project this year. Of course, I'm a little concerned that my resolve and commitment may waiver throughout the year, especially given I have a baby due in May. But I am pleasantly optimistic. I'll keep you posted.

Any one else have their own 'Project Life'? 
How do you keep track of all your family photos?
Anyone else been as naughty as me when it comes to staying up to date?
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