Monday, February 10, 2014

'silver' Museum of Brisbane

Granny's Cloak Moths 2013 (detail) Madeline Brown, photograph Chelsea Sipthorp

Madeline Brown, photograph by Chelsea Sipthorp *

I snuck out of a sleeping household yesterday afternoon to attend an artist talk and tour of silver. I promised myself that despite loosing my gallery-ing partner in crime, now that my twin sister has moved to Canberra, I would make solo jaunts to galleries for the sake of my inspiration and sanity. And I'm so pleased I listened to myself.

The exhibition at the Museum of Brisbane features the work of six pairs of artists - a jeweller and a photographer in each collaboration. Yesterday, jeweller Madeline Brown and photographer Andrea Higgins discussed their collaboration and contribution to the exhibition. It was a fascinating insight in to the processes of their individual work practices and their coming together to produce what I felt was the strongest piece in the exhibition.  

Both women were extremely approachable and I had the opportunity to to talk to them at the close of the talk. Madeline and I recognised each other from our Uni days. It was fantastic to be able to discuss the process of casting crochet and tattings to create unique pieces of jewellery. While Andrea completes her photography Masters at QCA this month, and will be exhibiting a collection of her work, featuring photograms and Victorian lace collars, from the first of April in the Whitebox gallery. (I have already written it in my diary.)

I'm feeling incredibly inspired now and reminded once more that I need this time out to myself - good things come of it for both me and my family. 

If you are in or around Brisbane and are interested in fine art or silver smithing, be sure to hop in a lift at Town Hall and visit the third floor gallery.

*Photos from the Museum of Brisbane website
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