Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Nesting - Master Bedroom


Venice Navy/ Natural Embroidered Comforter Set c/o Just Bedding; shelf, vase and rug Ikea; lamps gifted; cushion handmade; bassinet was an ebay bargain, geometric cat print by Gingiber; framed painting by Kitty Horton; postcards from QLD Art Gallery.

There always seems to be much to do before one welcomes a baby - shopping, washing, folding, preparing - which is then followed by a period of waiting. How long those last few tiring days are! With both my children I'm quite sure the last week of my pregnancies has been as long as the first year of their lives - one going terribly slowly, the other just so so quick. I remember walking in and out of the nursery a hundred times while I waited for Cohen, trying to imagine what it would be like once my first baby was born. My hospital bag packed well and truly in advance.

It's a little different the third time around. I'm just as excited, but I haven't felt any real hurry to prepare for this little ones arrival until now. At 32 weeks I still need to wash the baby clothes and I haven't packed my hospital bag yet. We have most of what we need, except for the car seats (as we work out how to squeeze three of them in to the back of my car.) But 'nesting' mode has been kicking in, as it has with each pregnancy. And while I have been thinking about the children's sleeping arrangements, I've been thinking about ours too. I wanted to create a fresh, warm space to rest as I wait for baby, and to welcome baby home to. A little bedroom makeover was in order. I recently brought the bassinet upstairs so that Emerson has time to get used to it. I tidied away the paper work beside the bed, wiped over all the surfaces and changed out our bed linens for a new comforter set c/o Just Bedding. And then had a nap!

Yes, I think this will do nicely. When all is quiet on the blog and I am having a baby-moon after the birth - recovering, settling in to new rhythms and getting to know our new little one - you will know where to find me.

Were you super organised, or a bit last minute with preparations for your little ones arrival? 
Did it change depending on which baby it was?
Did you 'nest'?
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