Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Finders Keepers Wrap Up

My table

Yardage Design
Foolhouse mini art, Beneath the Sun cushions, behind the scenes on my table - the necessities (tea and dummies)
Beneath the Sun, Sharon Muir, Surfing Sloth

Now that I have three napping children (!) and a cup of tea, I can write about the Brisbane Finders Keepers market this past weekend. My intention to write this post yesterday was abandoned as I caught up on chores and took Oscar for his six week immunisations. My boxes from the market still have not unpacked themselves however...

Finders Keepers was just as lovely as it always is. There was so much creative energy packed in to each of the three rooms that you could have powered a small City for a year. The crowds weren't as thick as they are at the November market, which made it easier to see all the goodies on show and chat to the stall holders. I fell in love with several hundred items and started following several new makers on Instagram, ready to purchase in their online shops when birthdays and special occasions come around. I managed to do the stall holder wander in the last hour on Sunday too, and brought myself some goodies.

So many lovely people came and visited my stall too. I could do these markets for the compliments alone! It was a lot of fun and dear little Oscar was content to be a market baby, so long as he was well fed and had a clean nappy. He surprised more than a few people when they saw him stirring in his rocker behind the table as he woke up from yet another nap. It was great to be able to meet the people my jewellery pieces were going home with, something that doesn't happen with online sales. I left the market with lots of inspiration and ideas and look forward to working on them in the coming months.

In the meantime, new designs that debuted at the market will be making their way into the store in the coming week. And as an extra thank you to those who visited me at the market, and those who would like to have come but couldn't, I'm offering free postage in my bigcartel shop for the next two weeks. Just enter 'FINDERSKEEPERS' at checkout.

Thanks again for all your support, kind words and purchases! Because of you I can continue to stay at home with my children and work creatively, and that means so much to me. xx

*Excuse the dodgy iphone photos. I ran around on the second morning and snapped a few pics in the third room before the doors opened. 
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