Friday, July 11, 2014

Taking Stock

Some days are easier than others. Today was one of them. :) #grateful
Happy Friday! We are off to Ikea to look at light fittings and Spotlight to look for a weaving loom. What are your plans for the day? And if you are working, what would you rather be doing? #giftedhomegrowncitrus #happyfriday
I brought neither lamp nor loom on our morning venture. But I did bring home a frame so I could add @studiocockatoo 's Frieda to the picture shelf above my bed. Isn't she beautiful? #studiocockatoo #friedakahlo #kateissotalented
'20 ways to draw tulips and 44 other flowers' by @lisacongdon arrived in the mail, so tonight I have been line drawing tulips in my sketchbook. (I can't bring myself to draw IN the book like you are supposed to!) #makemarksdaily #linedrawing #20waystodraw
Seriously. The cuteness. #liftingthatheavyhead #seriousbusiness
Conversations with a five year old: Dave's aunt told Cohen that her cat was in heaven. He asked where that was, and she told him it was in the stars. So he drew a picture of her cat and asked me how we could get it to "Kevin the the stars." #loveit #haveb
This little one has been trying to smile. #babygazing

Drinking: Lovely big hot cups of tea. I am quite sure tea tastes even better in Winter.
Waiting: With anticipation for the 'Intro to Modern Calligraphy'workshop I shall be doing
Looking: Still baby gazing as a certain 6 week old grows before our eyes
Missing: My twin sister dearly - there is a Fiona shaped hole in our weeks
Grateful: That it's not as cold in Brisbane as it has been in Canberra
Working: On custom orders next week, after a week off the bench following Brisbane Finders Keepers
Dreaming: About hand making spoons and having an exhibition
Wanting: To take a ceramics course once the baby is a little older 
Wondering: About going back to Uni to do my Masters in Jewellery and Small Objects
Enjoying: Sitting on my front deck in the sun
Making: Marks every day (well, nearly everyday)
Liking: My new book, '20 Ways to Draw a Tulip' by Lisa Congdon 
Giggling: Because I am drawing in my sketchbook and not IN the book, like you are supposed to
Excited: About the second book I ordered, '20 ways to draw a tree' by Eloise Renouf
Loving: My new Freida print by Studio Cockatoo
Rearranging: All my collections dotted around the house
Knowing: Sometimes a change is as good as a holiday
Pondering: What to make with all the homegrown oranges and lemons I was lovingly gifted
Pondering: The amount of laundry produced by five people and whether we need a dryer
Marveling: At the amusing things that come out of my five year old's mouth
Wearing: Oscar in a sling - his favourite place to be
Awaiting: The GOMA Winter Design Market next weekend (19th July)
And: The Harvest exhibition at GOMA 
And: Ipswich Gem Show 2nd August 
Admiring: All the Brisbane creatives who are heading to Melbourne for Finders Keepers
Sorting: And culling the toys - my how they accumulate
Buying: A weaving loom to play with
Bookmarking: This weaving tutorial on 'A Beautiful Mess'
Feeling: Mixed emotions about the end of school holidays
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