Thursday, October 2, 2014

Eight Steps to a Heart

1. Working on designs with the customer - their sketche and mine.
2. The finished sketch, gemstones and 3 mm thick silver plate.
3. Cutting the scribed design from the plate.

4. Once the outside was right, it's time to cut out the inner heart by slipping a jewellers saw blade through the hole drilled in the top of the heart.
5. The completed saw piercing.
6. The finished design with holes drilled and filed to accommodate the chain.

7. The pendant after the setter beautifully grain set twenty round brilliant cut Cubic Zirconias.

8. The finished piece, after polishing and hard gold plating.

When ever I hand make a custom piece, I take step by step photos of the process to share with the client. It's exciting seeing a design come to life, for me and for them. This elegant piece is a birthday gift from a loving husband to his lovely wife, and I am quite sure it will be cherished.
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