Monday, October 27, 2014

What I'm Reading, Eating, Listening to and Loving...


I've just finished reading Lisa Congdon's latest book, Art Inc., an artists guide to building their career. I found it instructive and I think it would be useful for any creative business person.

For my neighbourhood book club, I recently finished Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None - the best selling mystery novel ever and one of the best selling books of all time. I love that book club challenges me to read novels that fall outside of my usual well worn genres. And honestly, this book did not disappoint. It also made for excellent book club discussion. (I am so lucky to have such awesome neighbours, who started a book club years before I moved here, and invited my to join before our house contract had settled, three years ago!)

Next in line is Tim Winton's Eyrie for the final book club of the year, and Meg Stewart's Margaret Olley: Far From A Still Life, chosen as a result of falling in love with Olley's work after our trip to the Margaret Olley Art Center. And finally as a book that was recommended to me, The Happiness Trap.


As the fabulous flush of Mulberries on our tree diminishes, we are eating fresh handfuls of berries picked daily, and baking with our frozen berries.

Listening to

You know I love to listen to pod casts while I'm working at the jewellery bench, and when I have run out of episodes of After The Jump, or Stuff You Missed In History Class, I have been trying out some newer pod casts, like the long form news style Serial, from Ira Glass and team, and the creative and inspirational Raise Your Hand. Say Yes. by Tiffany Han.


Afternoon sunlight peeking in our rooms.
The imagination that comes to life in my children with the addition of a cape and mask.
My Belinda Marshall 2015 Wall Calender has been pre-ordered. Swoon!
A Little Bit Crafty - with some of my most loved makers inside, this is on my wish list.
Jacaranda trees blooming in purple all over town.
Two passionate people with a start up worth supporting, The Nursery Project.


Please share a few of your own reads, eats and favourites in the comments!
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