Monday, November 24, 2014


I celebrated my birthday this past weekend with some of my favourite people and favourite things. Having already had an early birthday present farm stay didn't stop my sweet family from making the weekend all about me. Dave took the children to visit the big dinosaurs so that I may wander through the wonderful Bristyle markets in the Whale Mall, we all explored the children's art room at GOMA, and then I left them busily making their own Magic Lands (and you can too) while I visited the Future Beauty exhibition, luxuriously alone. 

It's such a shame photography wasn't permitted, as words alone can not do justice to the experience. The space, the designs, the elegance and the outrageousness. If you are a lover of design, fashion or art, there is something in this collection for everyone - except possibly children. We meandered back to the car through the museum and gazed at dinosaur bones, pinned beetles and a formaldehyde shark. I stumbled upon a crystal and mineral collection tucked away on a landing in a stair well and drooled over the contents until my husband dragged me away. (I shall share pictures with you tomorrow.)

Yesterday there was flowers, wine, a lovely lunch and even a delightful nap.

Happy birthday to me and my beautiful twin sister! xx
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