Monday, November 3, 2014

5 Months - Oscar

Five joyful months have passed since our last bonnie babe was born.
(And I still haven't written about his beautiful birth, but I will!)

Our dear boy has spent the past month mastering the back-to-tummy roll, and perfecting the art of grabbing his feet and putting them in his mouth. He has also upped his dribble quota, and has been sucking thoughtfully on everything from cooked apple to steamed carrot, bread crusts to raspberries.

Oh, those chubby little legs! That smiling face! That chuckle when you gobble him up! I had no idea how maternal I was until I had my first child. While his big brother learns to spell, and his big sister learns new words everyday, my dear baby grows a little more, and I count my blessings, grateful for every moment of it.

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