Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Holiday Things To Do

Toddler painted wrapping paper

Building a Candy Maze

Cohen writing in his diary

Day three of the holidays and I have been miserable with a cold since day one. Out door adventures have been put on hold while I work my way through a third box of tissues. Instead we have been crafting and working on a list of things to do this holiday season, which will live on the fridge and be crossed off as we go!

Build a blanket cubby house
Bake biscuits
Visit the koalas at Daisy Hill
BBQ at the beach
Swim at Southbank
Explore the Art Gallery
Go to the movies
Play at the park
Run under the sprinkler
Borrow books from the library
Fly a kite
Make playdough
Go bird watching
Draw in our Nature Books
Ride bikes
Write a letter
Plant some seeds
Make a collage
Blow bubbles off the deck
Jump on a trampoline
Have a play date
Read a book
Draw on the footpath with chalk
Press flowers
Keep a diary
Get a photo with Santa
Have breakfast at a cafe
Surf with Daddy
Go on an indoor treasure hunt
Paint a picture
Learn to finger knit
Have pancakes for dinner
Write a story
Collect stamps
See the Christmas lights
Build with Lego
Go to the cricket

What's on your list?!
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