Wednesday, January 28, 2015

On My Bench - Wax Carving

I remember years ago, when I was being taught how to carve wax, the jeweller was very particular and not altogether friendly. While I was interested in creating free flowing organic curves, he was interested in teaching me how to measure, mark and carve a symmetrical piece of jewellery. It was all very dry and mathematical and my left brain kept wanting to wander off. I'm so pleased now that I wrestled with my will to day dream (and his unpleasant nature) and listened carefully. 

I carved wax for the first time in a long time yesterday and it was like riding a bike - it all came back to me. I carefully measured my stone and marked out the wax with my calipers. I sawed, filed and emeried the plastic-like wax to reveal the first piece in my next range - a statement ring featuring a large, faceted Mint Quartz (also known as 'Green Amethyst').

I will be transforming more of my sketches in to three dimensional wax pieces this week. I promise to share progress photos of this new collection as it goes from creation to completion! For more behind the scenes peeks, find me on Instagram @christinalowrydesigns
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