Thursday, April 2, 2015

Easter Gift DIY - Simple and Sweet

Our Easter crafting has been quite 'relaxed' this year. While in years past you would find me gathering supplies in order to paint paper mache eggs, decorate biscuits, craft cards etc. this year a teething baby has taken it's toll on my energy reserves and things have been kept quite simple. An Easter mask made at an Under 5's craft morning. Colouring-in Easter pictures at the library. The traditional bonnet making afternoon at school. But I did want to do a little something to get in the spirit. A thank you gift for Cohen's beautiful teacher, whose positive outlook and love of science have my six year old loving school.

Inspired by Pinterest, I stuck a sweet little porcelain bunny to a recylced jar, gave the lid a coat of gold spray paint, filled the jar with eggs, wrapped it all up with a saved ribbon and ta-dah, this little gift was less than $10. These jars would look just as sweet with almost anything on top, from a plastic dinosaur to a seed pod. 

They do make for a darling trinket jar and would be perfect in a craft room.
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