Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Photo Shoot Sneak Peek

Props gathered from around my home
The library - sigh
Experimenting with flat lays

Cuddling chickens

It's a rather troublesome thing, running an online business without a laptop, after it gave up on the idea of turning on two weeks ago. The repair man informed me that fixing was the same price as replacing. It's also troublesome to have to dip in to the 'rainy day' funds. I have managed to get by on my phone alone in the meantime, but I was quite pleased when the courier arrived today.

So, here I am, tapping on my new keys, having missed my blog. The blogging hey-day may have passed, and I'm sure I get more eyes on my Instagram account than on my dear old blog, but I still think of this space as my online home. I have returned once more in order to update you on recent going-ons.

I had my first jewellery photo shoot recently. The above images are iPhone photos I took on the day. I am excitedly waiting to receive the edited images and share them with you. I was so nervous before the shoot. There had been delays in completing the new collection, I'd had to reschedule the photographer, the model and our booked location three times before it went ahead. I'd collected a file of images for inspiration. I had a picture in my head of the style and look I wanted to achieve. I collected props, packed up the jewellery and brought champagne and flowers for the day. Then I put my trust in photographer Trudi Le Brese and model Harriet McAtee, and in return I was rewarded by their creativity and amazing shots.

The afternoon went off without a hitch, thanks to all the lovely ladies (and possibly the champagne.) My nerves quickly disappeared. Brisbane poet Carmen Keates welcomed us in to her home and library, while her sister Kylie took over chief baby holding duties with my dear little Oscar. We laughed, chatted, and experimented with different angles, props, lighting and back grounds until we ran out of daylight. I had so much fun. I actually can't wait to shoot another collection now!

If you haven't seen the new collection yet, pop over to the shop.
And if you are thinking of doing a photo shoot, do it! Have fun with it, make a list of what you want to shoot, print out your inspiration pics, get your model to sign a release form, bring champagne, and you can't go wrong.

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