Thursday, April 9, 2015

Yarn Along

There is a delicious chill to the mornings and evenings now. The kind of cooler weather that invites a spot of yarn shopping and the addition of a basket of yarn to the side-table in the lounge room. And the kind of weather that makes you want to lay in bed all day reading a wonderful new book - Dear Thief - one for your to-read list for sure.

I am thoroughly enjoying knitting another of my favourite cot blankets - the Purl Soho Super Easy Baby Blanket. Miles of delightful and satisfying garter stitch. Perfect for school holiday knitting while suffering from a cold, curled up on the couch with hubby, whilecatching up on some tv watching of an evening. I look forward to gifting the finished blanket to a lovely school Mum and friend expecting her fourth baby. 

After all, every baby needs their own hand knit blanket, right?


Joining in with Ginny.
Ravelry here.
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