Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Oh, holidays

My boys
Our accommodation - 'Sea What Happens', Yamba
A child in each room
Cafe chickens
Gazing towards the lighthouse

Shell inspector
Marmalade thief


I think the best thing about holidays is the ability to pay very little attention to time. In our normal day to day there is the pressure of time, like school drop off and pick up times, and the necessity of feeding and dressing four people before getting out the door. While on holidays, such rush is unnecessary, there are no deadlines except checkout. Time is more fluid, the days more relaxed, and things happen at their own pace. Just by relieving this pressure, and thus the urge to nag, I find spending time with my little ones is all the more enjoyable. Surely this is why we take holidays? This escape of the everyday. Late nights, slow mornings, afternoon naps, days spent walking and exploring. Or so was our holiday.

The chill in the air morning and night was a welcome to change to the heat of the months past. The days warmed as they went, lending themselves to a layering of clothes. The shadows were cold while the sunlight was hot. The crowds of the Summer were long gone. The ocean was surprisingly warm as we waded in up to our knees, but I had no desire to dip in any further. You could feel Winter moving in. Dave on the other hand, mad body boarder that he is, donned his wet suit and flippers and paddled out.

A week away was exactly what we needed. We had such a wonderful time, we have already booked for next year.
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