Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Finding Balance - In The Workshop

1. What's in front of me at the bench
2. What's behind me in the workshop

There's been a lovely balance between life and work lately, a great rhythm to our days and weeks, that allows me to work and parent without guilt. As a stay at home Mum with a small business my time and energy is often pulled between my little ones, the household and my business. I'm so often asked how I fit it all in. Finding a flow that works for us is the key to juggling it all, and finding time to do the extra things, like a yoga class one night a week, a solo movie trip, a monthly book club meet up. While I can't fit in long stretches of time at the bench, by aiming to do 1-2 hours of bench work 2-3 days and 2-3 nights a week, it adds up and I am able to accomplish what I want to accomplish. Some weeks I do more, some weeks I do less. Having the freedom to be flexible, as well as staying organised, mean I am better able to go with the flow and face any challenges.

Being happy in myself is at the root of all of it though. It falls apart when I do. When I'm sick, when I'm overwhelmed, when I'm feeling negative. But I find I am able to return to a place of calm and happiness, thanks in part to age, and in part to the marvel of anti-depressants and the reduced anxiety I suffer as a result. With a clearer head I am able to experience more joy and feel gratitude for all my blessings (in a non-religious way). And with age and a little wisdom, I find I have let go of many of the things that concerned me in my twenties. My focus has shifted, I know myself better and I am more comfortable in my own skin.

So, here is a snap shot of our days lately.

6.30 - 8.15 Nice slow mornings with breakfast, morning pages, getting dressed and ready for the day, tidying up the house and washing a load of clothes - then the last minute rush to get all three children out the door!

8.15 - 10.30 After walking Cohen (6) to school and hanging out the clothes, we do something just for Emerson (3) and Oscar (1). Perhaps a trip to the park, the library, the duck pond, a play date, or sitting around in the nursery building up blocks and letting the baby knock them down in fits of giggles, like we did this morning.

10.30 - 12.30 Oscar has a nap and I get to work on the things that are more difficult to do with a baby crawling around, while Emerson joins me or fulfills her love of Doctors and Pirates with 'Doc McStuffins' and 'Jake and the Neverland Pirates'. Quite often she brings her dolls to my workshop for tea parties, pram walks, or drawing time, while I try to fit in 1 - 2 hours of bench work each day, three times a week, (plus 1 - 2 hours a night, two to three times a week.)

12.30 - 2.00 We make lunch together and play some more, paint, read, jump on the trampoline, garden, I squeeze in some blogging, emails or web work and another quick tidy up.

2.00 - 6.30 The walk home from school is followed by homework, play time and baths. Then it's time to prepare and eat dinner.

6.30 - 9.30 Bedtime stories are a must, and once everyone is tucked in it's time to tidy up again, spend some time with my husband, make Cohen's lunch and our breakfasts for the next day, and then head down to the bench to do another couple of hours of work. I make sure I'm in bed by 9.30 as I know that Oscar will wake to feed three times during the night (more if he is teething or ill).

Here's to balance and rhythm. May it last! xx
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