Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wholesale Catalogue Available - Yay!

Hello lovely readers, how are you?! My cold is passing and I am feeling much more ready to tackle the rest of the week (and catch up on my laundry.) Thank you for your well wishes and may you avoid such sniffles yourselves. I wanted to share a bit of exciting news - my work will soon be available in a few special bricks and mortar stores around Australia. Yay! 

If you have been following my blog for awhile, you will know that these past few years, rather than return to working for someone else in the jewellery industry after having my babies, I set up my own business that I could work on from home, around my children. Using my jewellery training and fine arts degree, I have focused my attention on designing and making collections that make my heart sing. Selling these pieces online and at markets like Finders Keepers has brought me so much satisfaction and joy. Fortunately I have years of experience working behind the counter in retail to draw on. Not to mention the book keeping and touch typing classes I begrudgingly took in high school with my Mother's encouragement, which have come in very handy after all. I have also learnt so much about running a business thanks to books, podcasts, blog posts and interviews, and I find it all fascinating in a way I did not anticipate. Long term, by the time my children are all in school, I plan to have grown my business baby to a level where it supports my dreams and provides my income. 

As such, I have thought for quite awhile about wholesaling in order to expand my business, have a greater reach, attract new clients and allow myself more time for designing and making. I've researched about it, read about it, listened to podcasts about it, created a wholesale line sheet, and still wondered whether or not I was ready to take the leap. When you work alone it can take a lot longer to figure these things out I find. You have no one to bounce the ideas off, or push you when you need pushing. Luckily life often gives me the push I need! In this case a retailer contacted me and asked to stock my pieces. And ta-dah, over-thinking over, wholesale catalogue updated and sent, order placed. Hooray!

I am continually excited about the growth and new directions my business takes. And so pleased to say that my wholesale catalogue is available to bricks and mortar stores that feel we would be a good fit! If that's you, email me at Or if you are one of my lovely customers, keep your eye out at your favourite stores, as my work may be popping up there soon!

Thank you, as always, for taking the time visit my blog, read my posts, and support my creative endeavours. My gratitude is endless!
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