Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Homeschooling Mainstream Schooled Children

Frozen moments in time from the Beenleigh Historical Village

I've often thought about homeschooling my children. Guiding them in a nurturing environment to reach their potential by encouraging them to be creative and follow their passions, while avoiding many of the negative aspects of the schooling system. I have so much respect for parents who homeschool and take on the challenges and rewards of educating their own children. My husband has a much more mainstream attitude to schooling however, and I'm not sure I could balance the responsibilities of educating all three of my little ones, while still keeping my creative spirit nourished with my business. (I still think about it though!) My husband and I do share the same philosophy on early childhood, which means we don't send our children to childcare or kindy, and they start school in Prep. I understand it is such a personal thing for each family, these are the decisions that we have made that are working for us. I'm pleased to be their full time carer and be so involved in their early learning.

I find homeschooling blogs and websites are a great resource to compliment mainstream schooling. I'm engaged as much as possible with Cohen's education at school, and daily learning with all three at home. With my eldest in Grade one, this means prioritising homework and reading at home, meeting with his teacher weekly, discussing the social and educational aspects of his day to day with him, and encouraging his involvement in activities like Science Club during his lunch time. With all three children I endeavor to create a positive, fun learning environment at home and on holidays, with visits to galleries, museums, animal parks, and the Historical Village pictured above. Together is give us opportunities to explore, play, absorb, question and find answers.

I believe a well rounded education is the most important thing we can offer our children, after a safe and loving home and family. With the growth of technology we have little idea what the job market will demand of our children in ten to fifteen years time. But I believe a love of learning, strong curiosity, flexibility and creativity will put our little ones in the best position to find their way in the world. And for me, that means mixing mainstream school with homeschooling.

What does your education journey look like?


Some great resources and interesting reads I have found lately:
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